Are you holding yourself back from doing things you really want to do? There’s a high cost to playing small in life. It causes missed relationships, career advancements, along with other opportunities that could create the life we desire.

What if you took that chance? 

Instead of focusing on why you shouldn’t take the chance, you need to focus on why you should.

Start practicing the tips below and the next time you start to doubt yourself, trust in the fact you DO have what it takes. 

Realize your worth 

Take time to make a list of all your past accomplishments. What are things you’ve done? What are positive things people have said about you?  What are things you are proud of doing? Who is the person you are or desire to become?

You have significant value that you can add to someone’s life. You can add value through experiences you’ve had and challenges you’ve overcome. Your smile can make someone else smile. You have value that you add to this world.

Build your belief 

Maybe your biggest problem is that you constantly let yourself down. You feel like a failure when you don’t go to the gym. You are always 10 minutes late. Try tackling small goals and get the momentum going to start tackling larger ones. Start building the belief in yourself again.

On New Year’ Eve do you write a list of many things you want to change? This can be overwhelming because it’s too many things to try to change at once. Instead, try completing one goal first and then move on to the next. You could even break goals up to complete throughout the year.

Also, you don’t have to wait for the end of the year to start making changes. Every morning is a new day to start becoming the person you want to be.

Enlarge your circle 

Sometimes friends and family don’t share the same goals and dreams as you do. The key is to start finding people who do. The ones that inspire you to make a change or take a chance. 

Who are the people influencing you to do the things you do? 

If your friends don’t eat healthy, then lunchtime might not be the best time to visit with them. Start evaluating who you are hanging out with and if they leading you closer or farther away from your goals. 

You might find the only people who have your same dreams are on podcasts or in books. Great! You found them, now learn from them. Read and listen to what they have to say and let them become your personal mentor.

Be sure to listen to the stories of overcomers. Your mentor should make you realize – If they can do it…. Why can’t you do it, too? 

Sometimes the biggest limitation we face in life is the one we put in our own mind. There are exciting experiences just waiting for you, I hope you stop holding yourself back from finding them.