Worry, along with cleaning my house before I take a trip, is one of the many things I inherited from my mother. Until I began my own deep personal work, I was sure it was DNA all the way. 

One worry machine begets another worry machine.

Then I started to investigate this phenomenon of allowing the mind to obsess on all things that could go wrong— instead of directing it to all that actually IS working and WILL work.

Because let’s face it, the statistics on worry are overwhelming. Daily Mail reported recently that worry not only makes you physically and mentally tired, it speeds up the aging process and makes one more susceptible to depression

Pretty sure that’s not what you’re looking for in life, right?

In order to stop the fatigue in my own head and help guide my clients to an elevated perspective of their lives, I created three hacks to help you pivot out of worry.

#1) Understand what WORRY does to your energy levels. 

It’s like a rocking chair. Moves back and forth, again and again. Yet it goes no where. Worry will do that, use up energy without any momentum. You’ll worry yourself into stuck-ness and despair quickly. And you’ll accomplish nothing but inner turmoil.

#2) Decide if you WANT the worry.

This means you’ve got to be aware! And awareness is key to getting out of worry by CHOICE. The simple question to self of “Do I really want to worry?”  This will give your brain pause and allow the higher essence of you to intervene and say “Of course not!” Once this decision is made, the next step is the actual pivot of emotion.

#3) Immediately give thanks for something. ANYTHING.

Yep. This is the good old gratitude pivot and it works. As soon as your brain aligns with your heart, you’ve left worry and moved into remembering all the times and all the ways you have been taken care of, had a win, crushed a performance or closed a deal. 

Things move faster when you bring a particular person or experience to your heart. Pondering someone or something that you have immense love for is like an instant soul scrub. 

This can shift the emotions to feelings of such gratitude that you might even tear up.

But hey, tears of joy are way better than wrinkles of worry, right?


  • Kisma Orbovich

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