I used to sit and dream of the day when all of my desires would come true. 

The day I would wake up and find that all my dreams had turned into reality.

When everything I ever wanted had appeared in my life and I could finally become the highest possible version of myself.

Then I had a realisation that changed everything. 

What if I could become the next level version of myself now? 

What was I actually yearning for? Was it the the things that I could achieve or was it the feelings that would come after I achieved those things?

After all, I already woke up feeling happy and content because practising gratitude was one of the first things I mastered when I became a transformational coach back in 2015.

I understood that having a loving family that I laugh with every day and a safe, warm home around me put me light years away from some of the terrible suffering that is present in the world.

So, what else did I desire to feel?

Well, I knew that if I was living in a beautiful home in the sunshine, I would wake up feeling so excited to get up and start my day in these fabulous surroundings.

I would take my computer outside and sit in the sun while I wrote my articles and caught up with my clients.

If I had tens of thousands of pounds flowing into my bank account every month, I would feel expansive and liberated – as though I was literally walking around on an elevated cushion of air.

I would feel free to make whatever choices I desired and to work from wherever I desired in the world.

If I was getting my message out to thousands of people across the world through the power of the media, I would feel empowered and inspired to constantly reach out with my articles and interviews.

From that space, I decided that I was going to start living as the person I wanted to become from that very moment in time.

Almost every single morning, I started waking up earlier than the rest of the house and going downstairs to make a delicious, Italian espresso in my kitchen while I listened to inspirational audios.

I would take my computer outside, sit in my garden and, even if it was cold (after all I do live in the UK!), I would sit with the sun on my face while I worked and I’d feel uplifted.

I would journal around how it felt to have an abundance of money flowing into my bank account every day and literally see visions of my purse bursting at the seams with cash and money pouring out of all the closets in our home.

I started submitting my articles to my favourite publications and feeling super excited when I saw my name out there in the world – somewhere other than my website and my emails!

I became the next level version of myself without waiting for everything to fall into place.

Sure enough as I embodied the feelings, emotions, thoughts and energies of my highest self, my desires started snapping into place and I became that version of me.

I remembered who I was.

I remembered that I get to be that person now …no more waiting.

Now I decide how I want to feel every single day and even if something that I desire hasn’t quite shown up in my physical world yet, I know that I still get to embody the energy of it NOW.

I take aligned actions every single day from the space of already being the person who has everything I could ever dream of.

The physical reality will always show up because that’s just the way the Universe works.

Everything you have now, you called into existence at one point in your life.

So why not try to consciously create what you actually want?

Why not see just how good your life can get when you trust in yourself and you surrender to the feelings.

Go on, I dare you 🙂