There may be many reasons why you might have stumbled across this article and decided to read it. I like to think of it as intuition.

I used to rely solely on strategies when I started my business until I realized that I had something very powerful at my disposal, which was accurate and free of charge.

For those of you that are new to intuition let me explain what it actually is.

Academy Award Winning Filmmaker Steven Spielberg describes it as “The Whisper of your soul”, or that soft voice that constantly sends you messages, thoughts, ideas, and actions to take.

The whisper knows exactly what is best for you because it comes from your higher self, an elevated and wiser version of you that knows what you desire and how your life is meant to unfold.

Many call it instinct. That strong feeling you feel inside when, for instance, you are about to make an important decision in your life.

How many times have you found yourself in front of a crossroads, deciding if you should go left or right? You hear a voice telling you to go one way, but other voices jump in and persuade you to go the other. Only to regret it later on and say “I knew it! I should have listened to my instinct”.

You see, the problem with intuition is that humans are wired and trained not to listen to it. It often whispers to tell you to do crazy or uncomfortable things completely out of your comfort zone.

Intuition is ALWAYS the first thought, the first voice you hear. The second, third, and fourth voices are fears, trying to persuade you not to take the action intuition just told you to take.

I hear you. You might start thinking what all of this has to do with marketing?

Trust me, a lot.

Business owners make decisions constantly, and intuition can be a great ally.

I have tried all the possible combinations in my business.

I marketed 100% from my intuition without having any specific plan or strategy.

I created ideas, content, workshops and training only following the whispers.

I then marketed from 80% strategy and 20% intuition. I did not like this approach as I felt very constrained and limited to a market based on a plan that might not allow me to express my daily thoughts and insights.

I then finally found my magic formula of marketing 50% from my intuition and 50% from strategies.

Why this approach does really work?

It is very important to set clear strategies; to know exactly what you want to achieve in business and how you want to move forward. This is like defining the banks of a river. Once you have established them, let the river guide you downstream. Let your intuition flow like water and guide you along.

Let me give you an example of how I practically put this into practice.

For instance, one of my strategies is to grow my audience.

I sit down and write down a few ideas of how I am going to achieve this. For example, I decide to go live more often, or to get interviewed by other groups, podcasts etc.

Once the “river banks” have been defined, I start to listen for the whispers. They will tell me when to go live and what to talk about, which podcasts to contact and what special influencer to approach. They will whisper to me all these crazy ideas which I will need to take action upon straight away before the voices of fear appear.

I followed my intuition to the letter, and I have gone live talking about a specific subject when I was called to. I contacted that particular person who came to my mind for a group program I was delivering. I created some of my most successful products and services out of a whisper, like a group program for entrepreneurs called the Daring Bootcamp, a beautiful and supportive online community called “The Writing Club for Entrepreneurs” which sounded like the craziest idea considered English is not my mother tongue and that I never believed in my writing skills.

You might not listen to your intuition much as it can be uncomfortable. Your intuition will not tell you to do things in your comfort zone. But it knows exactly what steps you need to take to achieve that which you desire.

Your intuition has the power of seeing your journey from above.

So next time you hear the whisper and it tells you exactly what next step to take in your business, listen and take the action straight away. Because tomorrow is too late.