The summer is a great time to put your body and mind to some serious rest and reassess both. The short season, with its endless sunlight, is also an opportunity for you to take some vitamin D3 supplements as the longer days bring more of those UV rays. You might want to check out these tips for feeling better in the coming months.

The reason why we stand out from other summer-inspired magazines is our diversity. Our creative team consists of people from different age groups, fields and cultures. So in addition to practical info (like what to do when you’re bored), you’ll also get to read some thought-provoking articles on things such as the notion of ‘canvas’.

Summer is also the right season for you to change your look. Not literally, though! We’re talking about how you present yourself as a person. Change up your style, either by getting new accessories or changing how you use them.

Here are eight ways that can help you spring forward into the new season with more joy, more motivation, and more well-being.

  1. Take a vitamin D supplement. The longer days bring more UV rays, which can help you get vitamin D3 or ‘the sunshine vitamin.’ It’s good for your bones, mood, and immunity.
  2. Make jot down what you’ve learned in the last year and what you want to achieve in the next one. This will serve as a good guide for the next 12 months when it comes to planning your schedule and choosing how to spend your time wisely.
  3. Instead of indulging too much in summer activities, take some time off. Not only does it give you the opportunity to rest and re-energize, but it also allows you to explore how to use the new time productively.
  4. Find a new method of thinking about your body and lifestyle. You might have been doing things the same way for years, but let’s change that! How? By experimenting with small changes that you can make this summer and see what happens when you try something new. It could be anything: starting a new hobby, reading more, trying another food or style.
  5. Stop checking social media several times a day. Try leaving your phone at home and go out with friends instead. Not only will you have to pay more attention to them, but you will also spend more time doing something you enjoy in the real world rather than turning your online world into something else entirely.
  6. Make some time for yourself every week. Decompress in a bath or take a walk just for yourself, rather than to get somewhere else. You can even try meditation if you’re having trouble finding time to relax in your life (and why not—they say it does wonder).
  7. Take note of how you spend your days, either by writing them down or photographing them depending on what works best for you. You might find big differences between the weekend and weekdays, or even during the day. This will help you figure out where and when you can schedule more downtime for yourself.
  8. Get away from your phone and other devices at least an hour before bedtime. The light emitted by your screens makes your body think it’s daytime, which means it will be hard to get a good night’s rest.

Summer is the perfect time to grow and improve. Take it slow, though—the right change will be something you feel good about, not just something that adds more pressure.