Start writing a list of questions like this and your vibration and your sense of fulfillment, hope and everlasting support from Universe will exponentially enlarge — add in any stuff, ideas, desires that are important to you and write them or just speak them out loud, you will see how one attracts the next and the next and the next like in spoken word poetry, until you are filled with amazing love energy all around you. The reason why this will happen is because you are asking the Universe these questions in order for it to respond with proof and examples of why these things are so, and Universe loves to provide answers in the form of experiences for you and so it shall.

Here is mine as an example:

Why do I love myself so much?
Why do I love my body so much?
Why am I so beautiful?
Why are my eyes so beautiful?
Why do I radiate love and beauty daily?
Why is my life a gift and a blessing?
Why am I a gift and a blessing to the world?
Why am I needed and loved?
Why do I easily connect with people spontaneously?
Why am I love?
Why am I joy?
Why is joy my daily way of being?
Why am I always connected to source?
Why am I always supported?
Why do I love my life?
Why do I live in joy and happiness?
Why am I being more open to people?
Why am I creating beautiful connections that last?
Why am I such a gem in this world?
Why am I accepted and loved by humanity?
Why do I accept humanity into my soul?
Why is my soul endless?
Why everything flows for me?
Why am I receiving money abundantly?
Why is money my best friend?
Why am I my own best friend?
Why is God, Source, Universe always behind me?
Why am I hopeful?
Why am I healthy?
Why am I safe and loved?
Why are all my desires fulfilled?
Why is my dream endless?
Why am I invited to people’s homes with open heart?
Why am I trusted as a confidant?
Why is everything I do good?
Why is every part of my body balanced and healed?
Why do I find amazing ways to use my energy and creativity?
Why is this growth never ending?

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  • Dunja Radosavljevic

    Mentor and Coach

    To learn more visit my website I help clients live their orgasmic life by reclaiming their essence. I do that by allowing them to process emotional pain and fog that's blocking the access to their brilliance and who they truly are. I facilitate the transformation of core emotional issues from client's past that need healing and empowerment. Resulting from this process is the release of their authentic strengths which are require in order to walk the path of brilliance. My clients are surprised at the level of relief and breakthrough they feel after just one session. One client said: "So this morning I was tidying up all the scraps of paper with notes and ideas on them, and I was looking in my journal at the list of negative beliefs that I wrote before we spoke. 23 of them in total and currently only a couple created any real trigger. You are bloody amazing!"