Daily, hourly, the ‘News’ reminds us of all that has gone so crazily bad, mad and so very sad in our beautiful, beautiful world.

All that is breaking down.

All that has gone wrong.

Again and again and again and again and again and again and on and on and on and so it continues……………………..

For years and years and years on end.

Entire life times spent absorbing this information.

Seeping into our minds, infecting our attitudes and expectations about each other and about life.

Attitudes passed down to our children, permeating schools and communities.

A sort of cultural obligation, or addiction or feeling of being ‘responsible’ by knowing ‘what is going on’.

It is a huge, heavy burden to bear and it has taken its toll.

We are worn down.

Exhausted and yet hyperactively searching for the ‘thing’ that will satisfy, relieve, and allow us to relax into ourselves.

Anxiety and depression prevail causing physical and mental illnesses.

We increasingly fear each other and anger grows from our fear.

We are suffering.

To be rushed and stressed has become normal.

We live crippled by doubt in our world with a tremendous weight of disillusionment, grief and sense of utter helplessness underlying our daily lives.

And still it continues, day after day, the ‘News’ insidiously drip feeding into our minds so that this is the version of the world we see, this is the version of the world we expect, this is the version of the world we innocently create.

We hurry on.

Answering life’s accelerating demands, consuming more to relieve our unbearable sense of failure, patching over our eroded self belief.

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Our Heart Wrenching Pain.

But it doesn’t work does it?

It doesn’t heal the ache inside.

It doesn’t satisfy the eternal longing to live in the World our Hearts Know Is Possible’.

The shock and trauma to our collective life has shaken us to the core.

Innocently, unwittingly, our powerful minds have been shaped by this repetitive drone of all that is going wrong.

Caught unaware, we have become disempowered, disillusioned, stressed and fearful.

We reel in disappointment, sinking, gasping, clutching for the lifeline we know, somehow, is there although it seems almost impossible to believe anymore.

This pain that we feel is because we are inextricably connected to each other and to the earth and we respond as one life.

It is our pain.

We are on this journey together.

It wells up from deep inside.

And there is a wisdom to our pain.

Our pain is a reaction to an inner knowing that insists there is a better way.

May it ignite our core and rock our world.

May we use it as a resource and a reason to choose differently.

May this pain agitate, motivate and activate us to use it as a sign post to guide us another way.

Is there another way?


We know there is another way because we are made of the intelligence that creates all life.

Quietly, continuously, unstoppably, inherently and powerfully flowing within us all the time.

This wisdom is intrinsic to us.

It has built us, our cells, our blood, our bones, and our hearts.

It flows through our veins and tells each cell and organ of our bodies just what to do when.

It is the wisdom that maintains homestatis and equilibrium within our bodies.

Within the world.

The pain we feel is a signal to take notice, to make changes, to choose a different way.

It is the knowing that a kinder world is possible.

A world where we live in harmony with the earth, with each other, with ourselves.

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Imagine This Instead

  • Daily refrains of the Natural Wisdom Power flowing through us.
  • Daily we become accustomed to listening to our inner knowing,
  • Daily we uncover the vision within that is already there, seeded with the blueprint of how to live in easy harmony with the earth, with each other, with ourselves.

What sort of people will we become?

What sort of culture will we create?

What sort of world will we live in?

There is a vision of possibility already planted inside you.

It is the wisdom of your heart, your guts, your cells.

It is the wisdom of infinite potential pulsing through you,

that already knows exactly how to create beautiful, abundant, diverse life so very well.

A world where everyone wins.

Deliberately choosing to evoke the visions, thoughts and feelings of the world our hearts know is possible, the world we yearn for.

Deliberately choosing to cultivate thoughts and feelings of a Kind World.

(But…..”I feel it is my responsibility to know ‘what is going on”).

  • The ‘News’ presents a very tiny and very select amount of information about all that is going on in the world.

And it is all the bad, mad, and sad stuff.

  • This incredibly unbalanced view repeated again and again, affects our minds and our lives.

Emotions such as fear, grief and helplessness, are evoked again and again, creating physical grooves in the mind (literally).

  • These physical grooves become habitual ways of thinking, feeling, believing, percieving the world.

This in turn contributes to the way we act and interact with each other. The way we experience life.

What madness is this?!

How is it helping?

How is it responsible?

And where is it leading us?

If you are one of the few who have leapt off the chair and have gone to make a difference in the world inspired by what you have seen in the ‘News’, then thank you very much! I appreciate your intention, and action greatly.

Mostly we sit in our chairs and drink up the horror.

As we continue the habit of exposing our precious, malleable, powerful minds to the ‘News’, the patterns in our minds get deeper, more fixed and rigid.

We get stuck in a rut (literally) of becoming more stressed and disempowered.

Our potential vision of the wonderful world of the present is clouded.

We lose sight of the wonder of being alive and live lives trapped in prisons of fear, despair and horror.

(N.B. Try this. Turn off all news for a week. Probably you will still get to hear of a huge amount of it through social media anyway).

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  • How responsible is it to allow our precious, malleable minds to be guided towards thoughts and feelings of disempowerment, fear and anger?
  • How can we live powerful, effective lives when we are so worn down by all that is breaking down?

It Could Be Like This…

We live fully aware of the powerful beings we are.

We realise our innate connection to all life and live from this sense of belonging.

This sense of belonging to the earth and of being part of each other, naturally leads us to live kindly.

We use our immense creative knowledge and skills to install systems that work for us all.

Our sense of belonging gives the gift of an underlying well being, security and trust.

We feel free to relax into ourselves and find a deep satisfaction in being alive.

We can choose to change the cultural habits and patterns we have come to accept as normal.

The smoke of fearful confusion and madness of helplessness where we have allowed ourselves to become disempowered on a daily basis.

It is time to step away from this cultural norm.

Do you dare?

Would you stray beyond the bounds of ‘normal?’

Or will you stay trapped by convention?

What is the cost?

Do you want to change a habit that is killing the true living force within you and choose an entirely new way?


Step up, Step out…

Let the infinite power of the truth of you, clear a path to shine through and together we will create a world were everyone wins.

For Free!

We can do this because want to. Because it is so FUN!

It’s not just about doom and gloom and doing it because we have to save the world.

Because we are alive on an incredible, beautiful, bountiful planet in stunning bodies with all sorts of outrageous forms of life.

For a very, very short time.

And it is FUN to feel the power we are and create with it ON PURPOSE!

Feel the delight and excitement of a heartfelt dedication and commitment,

of the intention to allow the wisdom within,

guide us to unknown places beyond our wildest hopes and imaginings.

Good Things Are Coming.

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