We have “awoken” to an uncertain time. I use that term because I truly believe this is an awakening for all of us – to value friends and family more than we ever have, have deeper gratitude for what we do have, and explore what truly makes us happy when it comes to our careers, passions, and hobbies.

During this time of change in the midst of COVID-19, I wanted to give you some support and guidance as I’ve worked remotely for over a decade, first as a multiple six figure freelance copywriter and now as a growing online entrepreneur. Here are ten tips.

Limit your news consumption.

It’s important to be informed but you don’t want to be overinformed where all you do is listen to the news. To stay in a positive mind space, make sure you only read news headlines on your phone’s news app, and limit your consumption to 5-10 minutes a day.

Stay off social media unless it’s business-related.

Now is not the time to be in your newsfeed or on friends’ walls especially when there is a lot of misinformation and fear being spread around. Instead, it’s the time to be listening to information about pivoting to help move your career and business forward. Make it just for learning.

Keep your routine as much as possible.

Have your favorite morning drink. Keep your bedtime schedule. Do everything you would normally otherwise do. Create the same sense of routine you’ve come to enjoy for so long.

Purge what you don’t need.

There is something very purifying about taking out the old. Get rid of clothes or anything you don’t need from your home. Let go of the clutter and allow that empty space for new, positive energy to come into your life.

Add elements of relaxation.

Now that you are home more, take the time you would have otherwise been out running errands or going to appointments for self-care. Meditate, listen to music, exercise, go on a walk, take a soothing bath, pursue a hobby, journal, or read a book. Take a little bit of time every day to do something you’ve been wanting to do but just haven’t had the time to. Open a window for fresh air and listen to relaxing nature soundtracks in the background while you work whether it’s a crackling fire or babbling brook.

Stay connected with those you have common goals with.

Social distancing doesn’t have to leave you feeling isolated. Stay in touch via video chats and social media messages whether it’s with loved ones or business connections. There’s always a way to be social, thanks to social media.

Designate your work space.

If you don’t already work from home, find a comfortable spot where you’ll be able to focus for the day. This should be a place that will be uninterrupted without the distractions of your phone, TV, or anyone else in your household. Set the “Do Not Disturb” feature on your phone. Close all browsers on your laptop that are not related to work – and yes, those include social media.

Pick one big task to focus on per day.

It can be easy to jump from thing to thing when you are working at home. Get clear on your big goal and break that down into manageable bite-size goals. Each of those bite-size goals will count as a big task. Spend each day focused on a big task rather than context switching – jumping between various, unrelated tasks.

Take a 5 minute break once per hour.

If you are in the flow, it’s better not to break your focus. But if you do have the ability to get up at least every hour (or 30 minutes if you can), you’ll be doing yourself a service, especially if you are not used to sitting all day. Pour yourself a glass of water, do a few down dogs or standing stretches, play with your pets, breathe in the fresh air out the window, or turn on your favorite song and dance for 5 minutes. Set up alerts in your phone once per hour or more frequently to remind you to take a little stroll around your house.

Exercise daily for at least 20-30 minutes.

Other than some in-home yoga stretches, it’s important to get outside and take a walk that will get your heart rate up. It’s not only a great stress reliever but also amazing for inspiration.

This is your time to not only survive, but also thrive.

Know that this can be a renaissance for you – a rebirth.

Know that there is a silver lining – if you wish to see it.

Know that we’re all in this together and that we will rise out of it together, stronger than ever before.