This year I’ve travelled extensively – between London, Paris, New York and Melbourne, it’s been a fabulous whirlwind. Growing my event business to Europe and the United States has meant being able to connect with my clients and communities face to face. Nothing beats the feeling of being in the same room as clients you adore and feeling all that amazing energy!

Travel can also be exhausting and working in events, it’s important that I arrive at my destination bright eyed and enthusiastic. I often get asked, how I survive and thrive to ensure I get the best out of my international business travel. Here are my favourite travel hacks.

1. Upgrade like a Boss

One of the best ways to arrive at your destination fresh is to enjoy an upgrade. The comfort of additional legroom and other business class perks helps me get better rested. There are many ways to secure an upgrade – I tend to bank my frequent flyer points and book an upgrade in advance. Sometimes the airline will email a cheap upgrade deal right before your flight, so it pays to regularly check your inbox for these offers. On the day of your flight, it’s also a good idea to dress well and arrive early – your airline may only have a couple of upgrades available. In my experience a smile also goes a long way.

2. Stay healthy and hydrated

On long-haul flights, my water bottle is my friend. I bring an empty water bottle I can refill on the plane and I find this really helps me to stay healthy and hydrated. I also try to eat really well before flying. I find a light meal packed with vegetables really helps me to sleep better on the flight. Eating yogurt and probiotics is also a good way to keep my gut healthy.

3. Lounge Memberships

International travel involves a lot of waiting around. Buying a lounge membership is worth every dollar for all those hours you spend in airport waiting areas. Airport lounges offer everything from showering facilities to internet, food, beverages and some even offer a massage service. Even if you don’t have an annual membership, many airport lounges sell day passes that you can purchase online beforehand for a discounted rate.

4. Wardrobe and make-up

Compacting your luggage by rolling your clothes and creating a capsule wardrobe can help you save space or even avoid additional time wrangling check-in luggage. By choosing versatile items that go with everything and using scarves and jewellery to accessorise some staple items, you can really keep things minimal. Rolling your clothing also helps keep your clothing wrinkle-free. Downsizing your makeup by using small sample containers and contact lens holders is another good way to save space.

5. Get clever with your airport transfers

Airport transfers can be extremely costly. To ensure I get the best deal possible I always research and where possible, book flat rate airport transfers in advance. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination drowsy and not having a plan in place to get you to your hotel or meeting.

6. Cables and chargers

Electronics can weigh your down. I use a slim and compact universal travel adapter for my travels. Keeping all my cables and chargers together so that they are ready to go the next time I travel also saves time.

7. Stay in touch

Use Skype or WhatsApp to stay connected to home. As a mother with a young daughter I really miss my family when I travel. Having regular contact with my family via video messaging helps me feel more connected. Seeing their beautiful faces every day helps me remember why I do what I do.