Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

They say that “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” For those of us that are single, well, we put on a brave face, and wing it.
Everywhere we go we see couples snuggled together, even at the local coffee shops. We see boyfriends, husbands, wives excitedly shopping for their significant others, and well, it makes us feel a bit insignificant. Friends are full of advice, but really, who wants to show up at a holiday party when there’s no one to meet you under the mistletoe? Not this girl, for sure.

The ho ho ho holidays can be challenging when you are a party of one. Memories can seem bittersweet as they come flooding back. We want that perfect moment, we often try to grasp that magic, not realizing that it does indeed surround us, just maybe not in the way we imagined it to be.

Here’s a few tips for not being so hard on ourselves, if, like me, you’re only being kissed by a mini tiger who happens to purr.

Take stock of what is present, what is now and what you can grasp hold of. Breathe, feel, and be kind to yourself. Everything does not have to be perfect. Be in the moment, and savor it. The moment is perfect, just the way it is.

Find peace in simple things. Take some time to enjoy the snowflakes that are falling. Notice those gorgeous decorations at the mall, or children’s faces as they wait in line to see Santa. We don’t have to stress, trying to find the perfect gift, worrying about finding a parking place, or getting stuck in traffic jams.

Gift yourself the present of time. We are free to indulge. While there might not be a honey on the sofa to come home to, we can watch those holiday movies, drink a glass of eggnog or two, maybe have a glass of wine or do both in our pj’s, and we don’t have to share the popcorn. Since this is the season of peace, there won’t be any holiday squabbles. No putting the diss in dysfunctional over the dinner table.

And while the radio may blare out tunes about walking in the snow with a loved one, there is something to be said for quietly sitting beside a fire with hot cocoa or going for a walk by oneself to catch a few snowflakes on your tongue. There’s a bit of magic in watching mother nature make art on our windowsills, and there’s a lot to be said for self-love, taking care of our heart this time of year. Not only in bringing good cheer to others but doing things that make us cheerful too.

Give. Yes, of yourself. Take a tag off of a giving tree and wrap a present for someone in need. Pay it forward while you’re standing in line for your coffee, or volunteer to wrap presents for the elderly. Visit a nearby shelter, drop off blankets and toys for homeless pets. Play Santa and drop off a tin of homemade goodies for your neighbor.

Now, can we still dream of finding Prince Charming under the Christmas tree with a big red bow? You bet! He’s definitely on my wish list.

Santa, are you listening?