Ever feel like you’re in a tug of war..with yourself?  

The indecisiveness of figuring out what to do next.

We’ve all been there and sometimes depending on the situation, we can stay in that same place for a while.

Having worked with women experiencing heartbreak, not knowing what to do next is a common theme.

And understandable so.

When the life you once knew falls apart and you’re left alone, sad and confused, the next step seems almost impossible to see.

So how do you overcome this feeling of being stuck in mud?

For one, recognizing that you’re feeling stuck is a good first step.

From there, you ask yourself what do I want instead?

Instinctively your mind might go to “ I don’t know what I want”, and if you find yourself saying that, simply ask yourself “how do I want to feel?”

We all know how we want to feel…..less stress, more joy, peace, happiness, relief.

Next, after you identify the feeling, take one micro action step towards bringing that feeling into your reality.

Too often I see women trying to figure out the big picture and then become overwhelmed by connecting the dots to making it happen.

Overwhelm is going to shut you down and paralyze you from taking any steps moving forward.

You’ll continue to fuel the energy of being stuck and further delay feeling better and positioning yourself to get what you want.

But when you break it down to microsteps and identify how you feel to feel next, you’re more likely to take a step forward.

And taking that step forward is KEY to finding clarity and direction.

Consider it your tow truck in helping you get out of the mud.

Taking one step leads to another step and then another.

You may not see all the solutions at once but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

You just have to take one step forward.

If you want to feel peace, what is one thing you can do to bring that into your life?  

Maybe it’s buying fresh flowers at the store and smelling the wonderful fragrance, or maybe it’s just putting the flowers in a place that makes you feel peaceful when you look at it.

Or maybe it’s taking a hot bath with salts and listening to relaxing music as you breathe in your favorite essential oils or candles.

Or maybe it’s going outside when it’s raining and soaking in nature at it’s best and feeling that calmness wash over you with every raindrop that falls.

Maybe it’s getting out of bed for the first time in days, and picking out some fresh clean clothes to wear.

These little steps may mean nothing to some else but to you, it will make a huge difference in your world.

And that’s what matters.

The next time you’re feeling stuck or maybe even a little hopeless, identify how you want to feel instead and then take ONE micro action steps towards it.

When you do that, you allow yourself to feel a little bit better than before.

And when you feel good, you make decisions and take action towards what you want.

The more action steps you take big or little, will guide you to solutions and help you get out of the battle with yourself.