How can we take care of ourselves when we are going through a tough time

Have you ever felt depressed? Or feeling of losing everything? Well we all have been through this phrase of life for once because this phrase teaches us how we should fight for ourselves before anyone else, how to give more priority to ourselves, we all have different ways to overcome this phrase some of my ways through which I am able to get over my obstacles are listed below.

Nourishing the soul- Going from a tough time can be very stressful and it shows up on our health, we started binge eating and thinks often get out of control and we fell sick. And after a period of time it becomes our habit so what I decided to do was to find replace my Junk food with some wholesome warm beverages which calm down my nerves.

Journaling- Whether we are an introvert or an extrovert we always seek for comfort when we are stressed, but what if we can’t find someone to talk to, take a paper and pour over all the emotions that is triggering inside we can feel much lighter, over a period of time when we adopt it as a habit then we can see some visible results in our mental health.

Devolving some hobby or any physical activity in our lives – Often it is seen that people are stressed because of lack of physical activities and we are so tired with our work that we don’t even feel like moving our body after coming from work but sometimes even a five minutes walk can calm down our nervous and bring back the energy we are lacking of, or even doing some zigzag pattern or running the pen on the paper, by practicing this habits our dopamine hormone starts to secret and we feel happy.

By practicing these simple habits I was able to get over from the toughest period of my life but always remember there will be problems but there are solutions as well even if we can’t find it, we will never loose our hope to become the person who we aspire in our dreams, it may take several days to get over the problems but there is an end of everything so learn from the problems and take your life to the next level, because only you can help yourself so don’t wait for anyone to come over and solve your problems.