Instagram Captions

Seeing the amount of negativity in today’s world, the number of people with a rebellious mindset is increasing rapidly. Even every second person next to you would be spreading hatred and some negativity as per their mindset. The person victim of this negativity tends to affect others around him/her by whatever means they could. They are the black sheep hiding somewhere in the society which is effecting the community badly. This leads to a biased mindset where the growing children and infants groom up with the negativity in their minds. That’s an alarming situation as most of the concerned parents would want to make their children learn Self-Care from the social platforms.

The first thing to be taken care of is to keep a close eye on what your children are doing. Be it Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook or any other social platform. Though it looks fun but be cautious to keep a check on your kid using these social sites. As the proverb says it clear “Excess of everything is bad”. Here, both the rhyming words “Excess” and “Access” are applicable as Excess to everything and Access to everything is bad. For instance, let’s discuss Instagram; the most influential social platform. Its good to have fun on Insta but not every time. Instead of posting memes, photos or anything funny, one should make positive use of these powerful social sites. Use it for educational purposes instead of killing the time by scrolling uselessly all day. Use it to get motivation from big influential personalities and celebrities. Use it to get inspired by successful professionals. Train your child’s mind to get positives from everything they use.

This is no doubt fact that one should spare time for themselves and that’s a good habit. But only to the limit. Not limitless. Putting up an attractive and meaningful Instagram caption on photos is a good way to express your feelings but the point to be taken care of here is to make sure one shouldn’t be addicted too much. Balance life with proper planning and priorities. Remember, setting priorities is the first step towards a decent and successful life. So the first thing to do is set your priorities. Who is important and Who is not. In this way, you will be able to easily manage your everyday schedule. Alongside the work, spare time for your family and yes for yourself too as a relaxed and satisfied mind would think more about positives compared to an exhausted mind. So that quite justifies the point that along with the fun, positives can be taken out from anything you face in your daily life.