Your brand is a visual image of your idea and mission for the company. You associate an image (logo) with what you have in your mind. But there is more than just a logo, you have to believe in your brand 110%, you have to believe and trust in your brand when no one does.

Starting something new takes time for people to believe you are the best and you worth their attention, time and money. But how do you stay motivated when no one believes in your brand?

First you put your brand in your own home before people will welcome it in their homes. You already have a logo or an image that represents your vision. Print it and frame it and put it in your kitchen, bedroom, entrance, wherever you feel comfortable seeing it and feel you will be motivated to keep going.

Add motivational quotes that fit your type of work in your working area, office, building, in the place you spend most of the time working. If you are a blogger or vlogger you can write “Be consistent” or “Consistency is the key to success” to motivate you keep creating and have a post schedule and don’t procrastinate posting online.

Make a wallpaper for your phone and computer. Add your brand to your phone and computer so every time you open it you will know that you have to work on your brand and don’t give up.

You have to like your brand before anyone else like it. If you don’t believe in it do one will do. You are free to keep searching until you feel completely happy and love your brand 100%. Search until you find the perfect description and image of your brand, but never give up.

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