This pandemic has become nothing short of war. We are all facing stormy and turbulent times. Millions of people all around the world are being affected by this virus directly or indirectly, and global economies are collapsing day by day. 

But this is a time to remind ourselves that we humans are much stronger and braver than we think we are. We belong to a species that is both adaptable and resilient, we must never forget that.

We can win this. We can get to the other side. We can overcome this worldwide chaos and create a better world for ourselves. It’s just a matter of time, and we have to remain strong as we are in this wartime footing.

We have to believe that we can not only survive this crisis, but also thrive in it. We have to create an alternate universe for ourselves that is enriched with hope, positivity and stability. We have to develop courage within ourselves and emerge as a victor from these testing times.

Here are some ways you can thrive in this war:

Stay home: We all have to embody the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” motto. Self-isolation is the only way to safeguard the supreme health of ourselves and our family members. Prevention is always better than cure. And as Sun Tzu instructed, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

Feed your mind: We can view this time as an opportunity to read valuable books and consume life-changing audio programs and documentaries that enhance our thinking and refine our philosophy for life. A wise move to make during this crisis is to invest in ourselves and cultivate self-mastery. Instead of consuming meaningless content, it’s best to spend time on personal growth and skill development.

Practice self-care: This is a perfect time to practice self-care. Self-renewal plays a crucial role in both attaining and sustaining success. As Stephen Covey wrote, “Renewal is the principle–and the process–that empowers us to move on an upward spiral of growth and change, of continuous improvement.” So, use your time wisely and redirect your resources in enhancing and preserving the best asset that you have — You.

Elevate your health: We must ensure that we protect our physical health and not let our fitness disciplines slip away. Focus on minimalist workouts and fitness routines that help you get to the two Es — exhaustion and exhilaration. Optimize your overall health by staying well hydrated, maintaining sleep hygiene and quality, spending some time under the sun if possible, eating a healthy and balanced diet, and doing all that you can to strengthen your immunity. The popular adage, “Health is wealth” holds great truth more than ever in these challenging times, so make good health a top priority for yourself. 

Connect with your loved ones: Don’t let social isolation take a toll on you. Reach out to your family members, friends and neighbors via phone or digitally to offer them support, share how you’re doing and exchange anecdotes and stories so that you remain connected and not feel alone.

Unleash your creativity: Transform this enforced quietude to an opportunity to focus on brave and beautiful creativity. Spend time on creating that masterpiece. Pour your heart and soul into your passion project. The great artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs used their suffering and isolation to produce exceptional products and works of art. You can do that too. Work on that book, start that podcast, create those paintings, the world is waiting to receive your gifts. 

Get in touch with stillness: As we encounter these uncertain and challenging times, it’s best to detach from the outer world for a short time and focus inward. As Marcus Aurelius pointed out, the true retreat is within us and we always have access to it. We all have the choice to experience serenity and stillness, right here right now. Do activities that get you in that peaceful state; both meditation and praying can be greatly beneficial in this regard. Just close your eyes and focus on your breath going in and out. Play a guided meditation or some soothing music and tune out the world. Turn off the devices around you and discover the calm within you. Once you become a spectator of your inner world, you attain peace and happiness. Alternatively, you can spend some time in proximity to nature. If you have access to a forest, beach or a mountain where you can maintain social distancing (even a home garden works), go there for a brief time. Experience the beauty and tranquility of nature, and let it invigorate and heal you. 

Stay away from sources of negativity: We are most influenced by the people that we associate with. Through the scientific phenomenon of emotional contagion, we start adopting the traits of the people we spend time with. That’s why it’s really important our social circle is enriched with people who are examples of mastery, leadership, courage, bravery, success and exceptionalism. We must become more deliberate with regard to the people we choose to spend our invaluable time with. So, commit to spending minimal time with energy vampires, unfollow people on social media who steal your joy, and massively cut down your news intake. Trust your instincts and pick quality over quantity as you choose your social network. 

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