We are humans, struggling and striving to make a difference for ourselves and to the ones connected. 

Try three things in your life and the rest will follow: 

Live simply – It does not mean to have simple clothes, foods only but living simply means we need to be humble and kind, be helpful to others and the most important, be respectful to other. 

 Give generously – Imagine you have a bank account with zeros you can not even remember but you are suffering in mental and physical illness. The anxiety, depression, loneliness, can’t eat & drink what you want. Be generous to the financially less privileged and give generously, to thank the creator he paved the way for your success. 

Love deeply – Do what you love and love what you do. Love is the conqueror of all, you know it as negativity, hate, bullying, racial or religion extremism or anything ugly serving as the scar for humanity, justice, and peace, Love will take them down. Love most to the ones deeply connected in your life like your family, children, parents, siblings, Cherish the happiness and moments with them. 

 Stop expecting things and Start giving.