As a digital media and radio host, I often have the opportunity to sit down with many of today’s west coast thought leaders. And interviewing authors is one of my favorite ways to spend an hour. Recently having delved into the book “Adapt; How to Survive and Thrive in the Changing World of Work” by business author Janet L. Newcomb, I had the chance to interview her live not a few weeks later. We had a fascinating discussion about some about what it takes to maintain and also grow a powerful career later in life. The content was too good not to share, so ladies, here are my 5-favorite of Janet’s top 10 rules for crafting a thriving career later in life:

Rule 1: Have a plan.

That’s right, before you make that change, make sure to have a strategic plan in place for what you want. Outline your skills, decide what industry you want to transition into, and then go go go.

Rule 2: Continuously learn and develop.

Take the time to assess your skills and learn to develop the areas that might be weak. We are all good at something. Learn to leverage your strengths and manage your weaknesses.

Rule 3: Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Stay in contact with all of those who can impact your career, inside and outside of all the companies you have worked for. Keeping in touch with these contacts with regular communication will help if you need their influence in the future.

Rule 4: Innovate.

Think creatively about how many ways you can achieve your goals, and if you have to, think creatively about how to reframe them. Creative and innovative people are the ones that adjust to change most easily – and this is definitely a time for change!

Rule 5: Play to win, and enjoy the game.

Career progression is like competing in a champion sport. Play the way a champion athlete plays. Play to win, instead of playing not to loose. Life is too short to hate your job!

* For Janet NewComb’s complete list of top 10
rules for growing a career, pick up a copy of her book “Adapt”, published March
2009 , Solutions Press., Publisher.