This week I have been living the dream and working with my one to one coaching clients on a rooftop in the middle of Marrakech. This is a reality I have created which is one far better than I could have created when I left my job as a lawyer three years ago. The first part of my career was spent in prisons, courts and police stations which is nowhere close to a rooftop garden in Morocco.

And I know gratitude has been a huge change I’ve embraced and is part of the reason I have created a business better than I set out too. Yet when I first set out on the journey to becoming an entrepreneur and came across personal development, I struggled to see how practising gratitude would really change my life. Wasn’t it obvious what I was grateful for? I certainly wasn’t ungrateful for anything but as a trained lawyer I certainly tended to fall on the side of being a pessimist and seeing what was wrong with things rather than what was right.

And the truth is if you believe in the laws of the universe including the law of attraction, like attracts like so if you are not consciously expressing gratitude, you can bet your bottom dollar that your subconscious mind will not be exercising gratitude either.

I found consciously tracking gratitude for money was a game changer in my lack and scarcity mindset that I’d developed when I first left my ‘stable and secure’ job as an employee. This led me to jump straight into a lack mentality of not having enough, so much so for at least 18 months I refused to indulge in my favourite pot of conditioner at $15 plus as it was a luxury and surely something I could live without. Yet in reality, my hair is pretty rubbish without that pot of gold and $15 was not going to make any real difference in whether I could pay the mortgage or not. But I was so focused on what I didn’t have rather than what money coming my way.

So I started to track my incoming money via a gratitude tracker in my journal.

Here is how you can do it too, take a blank page and write one to thirty down the left hand corner. Then have three columns as below :

                      How Much                       Where From                      Why I am grateful

Then everyday go in and check what has come to you by way of money as well as gifts, free stuff and good things you’ve found by recording the value of that in the left column. You’ll start to see how much comes your way and by openly expressing your gratitude for it, it’s inevitable you will raise your energy vibration and more good things will flow to you.

Plus you can use this tracker for really anything you want to manifest and create in your life. Is it more time? More love? To receive more from others and not be the giver all the time? Then start practising gratitude for what is coming your way. You’ll notice what is it already there and more will flow to you, I promise.

And tracking your gratitude for money in the first two years of business is crucial. Often it can seem like there is lots of money going out, so much so you miss what is coming to you. So show that money some love and gratitude right now.