You are not what you eat. You are what you think.

Do you know why 98% of diets fail? You are not what you eat. You are what you think and diets don’t change your thinking. On the contrary, they suppress your appetite, and the more you resist this sugary cake, full of sugar, chemicals and preservatives, the more you want it.

Maybe it is about time to set up a dialogue with your brain and teach it to deserve healthy, nutrient dense food.

No vegan wakes up saying “ Today I don’t want to eat bacon. Their thought process is “ I can’t eat a living creature”, or “ Dairy is bad for my health”.

If you have ever been made to eat liver or kidneys, or something you found disgusting, you can never eat it again because you have changed your habit of thought and the habit of action forever. How do I know that hacking your brain works? It works for me and my clients. I couldn’t keep chocolate in my house. Now I keep loads of it but don’t even look at it. I am indifferent to it.

Remember that your brain wants what it thinks you want. Your body never wants chocolate-chemicals, pesticides, preservatives etc. It is your mind that has connected sugar with love. Whenever you want love, you eat a cake, then you get fat and you are definitely not getting any love.

Here is how to set up a dialogue with your mind and have your brain want nice, healthy food. Next time you are craving something unhealthy try this:

  • I could have you, but my body doesn’t like sugar and chemicals. If i have you I will look big, so I would rather eat a delicious, healthy salad and look fit.
  • You are nice, I do like you, but I like looking great in my dress more.
  • I could have you, but right now I am choosing to look amazing in my bikini.
  • I am choosing to look good and feel great.
  • I could have you when I am 95, but right now I want to eat this kale salad that will make my skin glow.

Tell your mind what you want.

I want this healthy food

I love it

I choose it

Remember, Overeating is a habit of action run by a habit of thought. Change the thought process to change forever.

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