So many things you learn in the journey of life. No one is an inborn perfectionist. Things happen and you get lessons from them and attain improvements. After all, this is necessary as life keeps moving on.  However, while doing all these things you feel exhausted sometimes and realise the need of strength that can keep you moving on and on and on. In simple language, it is known as motivation.

The problem is motivation is not a capsule, which you can take every time you feel dull. It resides within you only. In a world and with a mind & heart full of many other feelings, it can be difficult to keep the motivation alive.

Several ways can certainly help you train yourself attain the skills through which you can stay revitalised every time.

Remind yourself that life is about bigger goals

No journey completes without bumpy roads and tiring experiences but the thought of destination keeps you in action. Life has same rules. Keep revising your goals whether financial, personal or professional. This gives you reason to deny surrendering and covering more miles with an enhanced zeal.

Take a break

It is very important to break the monotony, things that you do every day should discontinue for a while. Take a leave from work, go on a weekend trip to spend time doing things you want. It is just like stopping at a motel to have some rest and sleep and move on with the new sunrise the next day. Getting back to work after a break is a timeless idea to rejuvenate.

Keep the money matters in control

We all know how hugely financial affairs affect our lives. 70 to 80% concerns are usually on money matters. If you have many obligations and less income, motivation remains just a dream. Play safe and keep control on what you get and what you spend. To keep less obligations, a small 10000 pound loan is easy to repay but paying it with multiple other obligations is not easy. If your income is more than your expenses, half of the work is done. Of course, this is the perfect condition to stay motivated effortlessly.

Read a lot

You can consider it as a common suggestion but it cannot be ineffective. When you read, you get a bigger perspective to see things in a different and positive way. Knowledge is a powerful thing and also it efficiently diverts you from depressing things. This gives your mind space to think creatively on the existing problems and find out practical solutions.

Break the stereotypes

One big reason to feel demoralised is the suppression of the practices that we do not accept but we have to follow them. The rituals in society, personal relations, workplace etc. have some set rules to follow and that blocks our individuality. Break them (obviously for good reason) and do only those things that are correct to set high standards of humanity. You have one life and that should not be wasted in following the crowd, get up, wake up and adopt progressive approach.

Try self-reflection

The normal human nature drives you to find problems and issues in others but sometimes problem resides in you only. This is just one side of the coin, why not see within you and realise what you think about the people around you. This helps to detect the loopholes where you are making mistakes and where the improvement is required. Realisation is among the best tools to stay motivated.

Meditation helps

A peaceful room to be with you is the simplest way to heal the soul and when that happens, motivation comes effortlessly. When that happens staying energetic becomes your habit and life become easy, easier and then easiest.

Motivation is a feel that you need to attain on your own. Do not worry about failure, keep investing your efforts and you are sure to achieve the stage where hopelessness and sorrow become ineffective.