Shifting from holiday mode to working mode (even if those two are performed at home…) is never easy.

Even when we love what we do (and I hope it’s the case), there’s always a mental transition we need to make from recharging ourselves to “performing” again.

But what if we change how we look at performing?

What if instead of getting into the stressful mode of planning/doing/meeting a dead-line/delivering/hacking and so on, we will rephrase this into “showing up” mode?

Wait, isn’t showing up even more stressful? It takes so much intention, risk, vulnerability, and courage to show up as ourselves and work from that mode, doesn’t it?

There isn’t a simple way to show up, and all of the above are correct.
But we shouldn’t confuse intention with pointless effort, or risk-taking with uninformed decisions, or courage with haste.

When we put our intention in the right place, we don’t work less – but we work almost effortlessly because we have our heart and mind aligned with our working mission. That reduces a big part of the stress related to questioning what we do and why we do it.

When we infuse courage, we don’t avoid challenges (we might face more!) but we are mentally more likely to be fulfilled, passionate and excited about our work, because we know we make it count.

Showing up is being done both internally and externally at the same time:

It’s knowing ourselves better and what we care about and stand up for;
And it’s serving a greater purpose and working intentionally towards what we have revealed that is meaningful to us.

Want to make the transition from a holiday or time off to work more natural?
Make .it. Count.

Be intentional about your mission, and don’t shy away from making bold decisions.

Your motivation, wellbeing, heart, and mind will thank you for that.