Travel has changed drastically due to Covid19. COVID-19 wreaked havoc on any travel plans for the year 2020. Fortunately, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. Rick Steves published the travel book “Europe Through the Back Door” in the year 1979. Now he’s back to answer questions about travel in the future, given the current pandemic. 

Will travel be returning to the way it used to be any time soon? 

Steves wisely points out that travel, especially in Europe, needs to be accessible to keep the industry going. The way that travel becomes available to the general public is keeping the price relatively low. This is possible when every venue and bus is packed full of people. It is no secret that this is not how travel will be anytime in the near future. Most places will be operating at a fraction of their full capacity, which means that prices will increase. This may diminish the number of travelers that Europe sees shortly. Steves himself is staying in the states this summer instead of venturing across the pond. 

What can we do in the place of travel? 

Steves has a fantastic point when he mentions that a pandemic can’t take away the traveler’s spirit. It is possible to “travel” in one’s town while also abiding by social distancing guidelines. Use this time as an opportunity to explore areas that you would otherwise skip. Focus on outdoor activities and get out into nature when at all possible. This will be a pleasant change from being cooped up inside and will reduce the amount of contact you have with other people. 

Steves also recommends using this time to educate yourself on your favorite places. Delve into European culture through the arts and books. Use this time to prime yourself for when you can go and visit. This is a great way to keep the mind busy, and it will also make the experience much more enjoyable when the opportunity becomes available again. Use technology to your advantage and learn about the culture and the history of places you’d like to visit.