These times are challenging us all. Whether you or a loved one has gotten sick (or you’re worried about getting sick), you’re struggling with our current political climate or even just the everyday energies right now, it’s during difficult times that we receive the greatest opportunity to strengthen ourselves. 

While it can often be hard to see it this way, leaning into these lessons helps us know we are safe, protected, and especially, that we can trust The Universe’s plan for us.

For me, this occurred the other day when I fell apart. This past week, the energies were especially sensitive for empaths, and this, combined with a challenging personal situation that has gone on way too long, and even with knowing that this challenging situation has helped me to learn, grow and see so much, I had had enough. 

I knew when this happened I had to get myself into nature. Nature is such a great place for us to remember who we are and to be held in our depths to release layer upon layer. 

So, I did this, letting myself feel it all—my disappointment in the way I felt guided to go, even if where I was guided to was for my highest good and would be helpful in the long-term, along with my fear that this issue wouldn’t be resolved or, at a minimum, resolved to my liking, and, in general, the sadness that’s in our world right now.

As I did this, it brought me back to center and back to a state of peace. 

And, it’s important to understand:

This is our test right now. This is our practice Indefinitely.

If you want to know you can trust the plan, keep feeling and allow the plan to reveal itself to you. The challenge so many of us face is that we try to see the end point in the middle, which of course, blocks the flow of the unfolding, and with this, our trust and support. 

Instead, try to just stay in the moment, be present with where you are, feeling what’s arising. Once this happens, if possible and you have access to it, return to the feeling or past feeling of what it’s like to be supported by The Universe, allowing yourself to be held as you do this.

For me, when I can let go of the attachment and trust the process, something beautiful, and even miraculous, always occurs, even if it takes longer than I’d like it to. The other night it was this, which I will close with:

Sometimes, we just need a reminder that there’s something bigger at work than what we can see. 

I needed that today, so I headed out to the mountains right before sunset for a quick hike and sat in my car in the vastness of the sky, feeling every ounce of where I was. 

And, here’s the thing. These reminders are everywhere—in the stars in the sky, in the mountains where the sun rises and sets and in the trees waiting to hug us with their big, timeless branches.

All we have to do is allow ourselves to be where we are—truly—and then nature will do the rest. 

Just a reminder, in case you needed it, too. 


  • Deb Acker

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