Creativity comes to life when it arises from your soul: your deepest and highest self that knows your purpose.

But I bet you know the feeling of pushing yourself to create something. You have your eye on the deadline, whether it’s set by you or someone else.

You know you’re pushing when you buckle down and think, “Ok creativity. Vision. Inspiration. I’m ready for you. Come on, I’m ready.” 

Your eyebrows furrow the longer you stare into the computer screen, canvas, notebook or camera — waiting

The truth is, you’re waiting for a wild force of life, and that can be as useless as attempting to will a gust of wind in a different direction.

Creativity doesn’t answer your cries or calls. It rebels against rules, deadlines, pressures and the expectations of our productivity-driven world. 

Because it’s meant to be left untamed, caressed only by those who respect its sovereignty. 

Now, this doesn’t mean you are victim to the unpredictable whims of your creativity.

Creativity inevitably arises when you stop trying to get to a goal, feeling or insight you feel disconnected from now. It comes when you drop your agenda and let go of the idea that you have to feel a certain way “in order to” create. 

Creativity comes when you’re fully present with what IS, no matter whether you feel crystal clear, ecstatic, or irritated and sad.

In other words, true creativity arises when you give yourself — your soul — permission to fully exist right now, as you are.

Next time you want to be a channel for creativity, set your intention to allow creativity, and then prioritize nothing but presence with yourself

Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths.

And do any or all of the following exercises:

  • Notice the sensations in your body. Speak them aloud. For example, you might say, “There’s a heaviness in my pelvis. There are tingles stirring in my palms. I just felt a little lightening bolt of energy go from my heart into my throat…
  • Notice the emotions you’re feeling and express them through movement, or dance to a piece of powerful music. 
  • Journal your thoughts. Write every wise and unenlightened thought that comes to your mind.
    • Ask yourself: What would it take for me to believe that all I have “to do” to connect with creativity is become completely present with what IS?
  • Bring your attention to where you feel pleasure, ease or spaciousness in your body right now. Imagine it had a dial, and turn it up 5, 10, 20%. Allow it to spread through your body and magnify as you increase the dial.

Give yourself the quality attention and care that you’d give someone you love.

Get quiet enough to hear your soul — your deepest self and purpose — without an agenda or focus on the time limit.

And then, when creativity comes from the depths of who you really are, notice that you follow it because it’s impossible not to. You create from soul because it’s all you can imagine doing.

You create from soul because the creation itself is a vivid expression of your deepest authenticity. And no matter how terrifying it may be to be seen in the world, it’s the very thing you’re most driven to.

This is a lifelong art… And, this is how true creativity comes to life now.

Luna Leona is an expert coach that helps people actualize their potential through embodied leadership, sexual empowerment, and harnessing the intelligence of their emotions. Get powerful weekly transmissions by subscribing on her website, and follow her on instagram for daily inspiration.