We have all undergone tragedy. Perhaps there is a reason why you chose a particular life lesson – a particular tragedy – to help yourself grow and become who you were meant to be. Perhaps you can look at the seeds of disaster from a new perspective and view them as the seeds for life renewal.

It is most often in our darkest moments that we meet our fate. If you seek within, you can find the reason for those dark moments.

What can you become as a result of your darkest hour?

Who can you help as a result of your personal tragedy? When will you begin to realize that you matter, you have value, and you are needed on this Earth. You would not be reading this book if this message was not meant to awaken your heart, to cause you to realize that you matter. Individual growth is a conscious choice. You must take what you have, and

Begin exactly where you are at this very moment to move solely in the direction of the life you want to have and the you you want to become.

The reason you desire this life and yearn to become all you dream you can be is that it is the real you, the you beneath the facade of the robotic life you have been living until now, beneath your false perceptions and your limited views of self.

Begin to see any shred of goodness in yourself and validate it. Begin to acknowledge any good you can possibly find in yourself that aligns with the ideal person you envision yourself to be. Consider this: Even a thief has a shred of goodness – he is quick. I do not condone stealing. I merely use this as an example to show you that every human being has traits that can be turned toward a positive purpose.

Here are the three steps you must follow to begin to take personal responsibility:

First, believe that when you picture something in your mind, you can achieve it. Believe that when you follow that “still small voice within” – your gut instinct, intuition, or sudden idea that feels exciting, despite society’s logical judgment – you will get exactly what you picture. The key element here is to feel thrilled about what you picture, as if there is a guarantee it is on its way to you.

Second, picture your life, your ideal life, the work that will fill your days with passion, and you will discover exactly what it is you love to do. Is there a person with whom you strongly identify? Someone who inspires a feeling inside you that speaks to your soul? If that feeling says, “This is what I wish I could do!” then you have an important clue to your life purpose.

Third, leave that horrible job, that degrading spouse, that miserable situation, and just start over again, for you! Move precisely in the direction of the ideal life you picture in your mind. The excitement of beginning the life journey you were born to travel will keep your courage strong whenever fear starts to set in. Each day, you will feel excited as you begin to create the changes needed to match the real you, from the inside out.

You will find that as you take personal responsibility for your life, everything you need is suddenly there for you. That phenomenon is behind the saying, “When something is right, everything just falls into place.” I assure you that fulfilling your highest vision and becoming the best you can be is right, no matter who tells you otherwise.

  • You are not here on this earth to be oppressed, nor are you here to oppress others.
  • You choose the debilitating patterns in your life. Instead, you can actively choose patterns that will elevate you above the negative spiral of personal decay.

If you are in a difficult situation you can rise above it, overcome it, and even transform it for others.


Excerpt re-printed with permission from the book Individual Power: Reclaiming Your Core, Your Truth and Your Life © Copyright 2001, 2003, 2020 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved. Published by The Rose Group (April, 2003) ISBN-10:09741457X.