I have tried soooo many online courses.

Like, ma-a-a-a-a-ny.

I love e-learning! I’ve never been good at sitting still, i get bored easily and i LOVE learning new skills. And although Meat Loaf would say “two out of three ain’t bad“, school never really was the perfect fit for me.

But holy banana, did online courses change my life.

Now i am able to watch videos with the speed turned up, draw weird drawings without the teachers thinking i am not paying attention, AND i can even make coffee or dinner while studying. Thank you, Steve Jobs, or whoever is responsible (it is usually Steve Jobs, amirite?)

But there is one (ONE YOU GUYS!) thing separating the pretty cool ones from the I-CANT-BELIEVE-HOW-MANY-EPIPHANIES-JUST-HAPPENED ones.

If you know me a little bit, you know what i am about to say.


Yessss, a community.

A lot of online courses have a facebook group. But that does not a community make! It’s pretty much the same as a school saying “here’s the homework, and here’s an empty room you’re free to use if you want to”. Is it acceptable? Yeah, i guess. Is it inspiring and motivational? Fo sho not!

So, ladies and gentlemen. If you have an online course, i beeeeg you to create a online community of students to go along with it. Not just a facebook group. Not just an empty room. An inspiring, organic, beautiful mess of an online community.

Our brains love learning new stuff the best, when our educator is involved and engaged. Your customers will get better and smarter if you participate and walk the walk alongside them. It truly is good for business!

If you can engage your audience in a community, you’ll be able to succeed in making it a movement, too.

Think about it – you have a group of likeminded people, wanting the exact same thing, willing to work for it – all in the same room! Why not grow alongside them?

But how do you turn a facebook group into a community. That’s a toughie. And pretty much impossible to put down in a single article. But i can show you how to get started.

Step 1: Be involved

So, you want a engaging community? You’re the leader, so you have to show the way. Talk to people, care about them and start interesting conversations with your members. Check in on them, ask them about their progress, their successes, their failures, and be of service.

Lets all say it together: BE OF SERVICE.

Don’t be afraid to activate the group 5-7 times a week. I promise you – your customers are awesome, and it won’t feel like work at all.

Step 2: Set a goal

Where do you want to go with your community? What’s the end goal? When are you succesful?

I’m not talking about KPI’s like how many members you have or even how much money they spend.

Creating a movement, means having a purpose higher than profit.

If you’ve written an online course i KNOW you have a deeply rooted passion and purpose. What is it? How can you help you members? What are you challenging together, and when will you feel succesful?

Set a goal, and get to work, honey!

Step 3: embrace awkwardness

Okay, so you don’t post anything in your group because you’re afraid nobody will answer? Or because you don’t know what to say? Or because you don’t know where to start?

I have bad news for you. Social media is awkward. But please don’t let it stop you from changing the world.

You absolutely are going to post something where nobody will like or respond. Who cares.

You absolutely are going to post something where people will disagree, or even be angry with you. Who cares.

Don’t ever let that stop you. Keep the good stuff, and leave behind the things that didn’t work. .

You’re on a mission, and we need you, so learn how to cope with being awkward.

Social media allows you to find your people. The ones that can spread your ideas out into the world. They’re waiting for you to be their leader. And trust me – online communities will change the world.

Start your own community today.