Small gray or white cubicles with nothing more than a desk, chair, and maybe a plant or two are things of the past. Research has shown that your environment can influence your productivity, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise. This is why people prefer to work in an office that actually inspires them and motivates them to do their best every day. So, whether you work at home or in the center of the city, here are a few ways to turn your office into a creative oasis.

Make use of colors

Colors can affect our mood, which is why you should choose the right colors for your office depending on the effect you want to achieve. For example, if your field of work requires you to stay focused and relaxed, you should choose green and blue shades. On the other hand, if you work in a dynamic workplace with lots of movement and talking, you should consider adding some yellow and orange shades. Of course, this is not just about the color of your walls; you can introduce those colors through accessories as well. Think coffee mugs, picture frames, table lamps, etc.

Comfort above everything else

Trendy and unusual furniture can make your office look great, but having an ergonomically correct office chair will always be more important than having a visually pleasing one. Of course, appearances do matter, but you won’t care about how cool your chair is if you find out that you can’t sit on it for longer than an hour without suffering from back pain. So, when furnishing your office, make sure to think about comfort and health first, and then you can think about the aesthetics.

Introduce some nature

If you want to create a lively office that will raise the mood of everybody in it, consider the biophilic design. It’s all about bringing nature inside. This means that you should let in as much natural light as possible, add plants in every corner, use colors that symbolize nature, etc. You can even install an aquarium – it would give your eyes something to rest on, and it would provide you with an office pet you can take care of. Moreover, research has shown that plants can increase productivity, which is why this design is perfect for almost any field of work.

Display your values

Many Asian companies like to showcase their identity by displaying their values throughout their office. For example, they hang posters with motivational quotes that emphasize responsibility and hard work, which are values that are highly appreciated in the culture. So, if you’re interested in the hong kong interior design, consider displaying such posters around your office as well. The posters would remind you and your coworkers why you are there, and they would motivate you to work for what you believe in.

Personalize it

Letting employees personalize their workstations can benefit both them and their employers. Even small things, like family photos, funny mugs, or unique pen holders can do wonders for their mood and motivation. It allows them to keep their identity and be themselves at work, which can also improve the sense of community at the office. All of these things are also good for creativity. So, no matter where you work, try to make your workspace truly yours.  

Have a break area

No matter how small your office is, there’s always room for a break area. It can be a comfy chair and a small coffee table next to the window, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee while soaking up some nature. Or, it can be a small pinball machine in the corner so you can reset your brain with a fun game during your break time. If you do have enough room, you can designate one area for this purpose alone. It should have comfortable furniture, a few entertainment options, coffee and snack machines, and maybe even a TV if you can afford it. Such areas help people unwind and recharge their batteries, as well as bond while having some fun together.

Considering that we spend a considerable amount of our time working, it’s important to make the work environment as comfortable as it could be. So, apply the above-listed suggestions to your office, and it’s bound to do wonders for your motivation and productivity.