Kid Is Addicted To Cell Phone

Kids nowadays are hooked to cell phones when they are not studying. Well, as adults, even we find it hard to resist smartphones, whether it is for buying Sculpt Leather Jackets or simply checking out our friends’ photos on Instagram. But whether it is about surfing the Best Leather Jackets on online shopping sites or playing mobile games – when you can hardly separate your kids from the cell phone, it is certainly not a healthy sign.

As parents, it is our duty to notice before this high-level engagement turns into an addiction of sorts! Yes, cell phone addiction is real and we have to be alert about it.

So how do you understand if your kid is addicted to cellphones?

According to the Frontiers in Psychiatry report, to identify the symptoms of cell phone addiction, we need to look for signs of problematic mobile phone use, a type of behavioral disorder.

  • Continuous and excessive cell phone usage that results in fights with family and friends; complete isolation in social events.
  • Negatively impacting school, friends, family, and disrupts emotional functioning.
  • Despite knowing the consequences, not able to stop using the cell phone.
  • Constant checking of the phone, even several times during a minute.
  • Disruption in sleep cycles leading to insomnia.
  • The urgency to remain always connected in social media platforms.
  • Feelings of discomfort if asked to refrain from using the phone.
  • Terrible mood swings without any particular reason.

Does cell phone addiction impact health?

Cell phone addiction and internet addiction can have a serious impact on kids’ mental health, which in turn can affect them physically too. An increasing feeling of loneliness accompanied by depression is very common, say expert psychologists. Young children are also known to experience sleep deprivation, stress, and anxiety due to the excessive use of mobile phones.

How to assist your kids in beating cell phone addiction?

Although the smartphone is a necessity for kids, it can turn into an unhealthy obsession. But taking away their phones would only hike their addiction and they would look for ways to get it back. Since they are in complete charge of their addiction, you will have to take the following measures with their help –

  • Talk to them – don’t reprimand

Often parents start lecturing their kids, but most of the time, it is hardly effective. So, instead, you can have a heart-to-heart conversation with your kid about the pros and cons of using a smartphone and how it impacts our intelligence, etc.

  • Chalk out a plan

Kids learn from their parents, so you will have to make a change first to help them get rid of their addiction. So, see whether you are overusing your phone. If yes, then start adopting healthy habits, and your kid will follow your actions. You might consider visiting a psychologist or experienced doctor for advice.

If you feel that you are finding it impossible to help your kid in dealing with their cell phone addiction, you need to try out advanced methods. For instance, you can make them understand to go for cognitive behavior therapy or help them with relaxing exercises recommended by the doctor.