Welcome to the Softer Side of the Globe.

When do you feel the most at home?

I’ll go first.

When I’m out in the world exploring and experiencing, touching, tasting unrecognizable dishes, smelling the aroma of exotic spices…..

Gazing at the stars or in awe of the Indian Ocean….and most of all making friends with locals of the land.

Travel was my stepping stone.

Now I’m on a journey to discover what lies beneath and beyond travel.

I recently vowed to never ever take another vacation!

Instead, I started to live intentionally international.

Once I began believing in the power of choosing my surroundings, something unlocked inside of me — the same joy, love, and light that I experienced during Discovery mode began to walk with me everywhere I went.

Some call it wanderlust, but this was deeper than that, at the core was Discovery.

If Discovery is your love language too, no matter where you are you welcome serendipity, seek out the untouched, untapped, unseen (until now).

You yearn to be surrounded by beautiful things, beautiful buildings, and most of all beautiful beings.

Welcome to the softer side of the globe, this is where we thrive.

The is where the touch

the gaze….

the taste….

the aroma….

the joy….

the laughter…

the love….

And the LIGHT are ignited, embraced, and imbued.

The world of Discovery is where I took a vow of authenticity.

I stopped “shoulding” all over myself and became brutally honest with what was important to me. A global lifestyle was not just my dream, it was my fuel. When I ignored it my soul slowly died….when I embraced it my spirit came alive.

See, I’ve been fortunate enough to live and/or work in five countries to date ( France, South Africa, Czech Republic, Ghana, and Thailand). When I retraced my steps, the two most important factors that contributed to my success was:

1) Making a decision

2) My community

The Decision

Before I ever became an expat, landed a job that sent me around the world, or lived as a digital nomad I made the decision that I would have an international career. The Diane Von Furstenberg in me would sit on my right shoulder and whisper over and over and over in my head “I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to be.”

I had no idea how it would look, but I knew that I knew that I knew that it wouldn’t be confined to the four corners of the United States.

I knew that I was meant to experience the world, live in and around the world, and most importantly create a safe space AND roadmap to show others how to live their international dreams.

This isn’t about travel, this is about a journey — the journey to create a life that you love, a life that you never feel the need to take a vacation from, a life that knows no limits!

Will Smith once said,

There is a redemptive power that a choice has, rather than feeling that you’re an effect to all the things that are happening, make a choice, you just decide, what’s it’s gonna be, who you’re going to be, how you’re going to do it, you just decide.

Once I made a decision, my life transformed before my very eyes!


You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time around.

I’ve heard this Jim Rohn quote for the past seven years, it wasn’t until I learned how to locate my 5 people that it really stuck to me. I couldn’t have created this global life without the help of my community, my tribe. It’s the secret ingredient to thriving. You may see me hashtag things like #CommunityistheNewCurrency. Think about it, they always say your network is your net worth — but how do you improve your network?

Where do you start when trying to find your people, your tribe?

In the short time that I’ve lived on this earth….I’ve observed, studied AND experienced the power of community.

They weren’t my friends, they were my safe space.

They created an environment where I could unapologetically share my global vision. This type of support catapulted my courage. But don’t take my word for it. Moving forward I’ll be sitting down with global community leaders, members of communities, and conference organizers around the world to learn about how they found their tribe and how their life transformed as a result of it. In some cases we’ll see that if you can’t find your tribe, it’s up to you to build your tribe. Like-minded people already exist, they’re simply waiting for you to connect them!

Cheers to Discovery, whenever I speak this [love] language [no matter where I am in the world] I feel at home!

Now it’s your turn,

When do you feel the most at home?

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  • Chizzy Igbokwe

    I teach honest courage to world travelers

    Chizzy was named one of the top 7 Millenials to follow in 2018 by True Toast Magazine. At the core, her body of work explores the power of community both online and offline and showcases community as the new currency.  She runs a global community of wanderlusters, expats, and digital nomads. As an international speaker, Chizzy designs and facilitates workshops for global organizations and medium-sized businesses. She has spoken on stages around the world: Proctor & Gamble in Toronto, NYU Wagner, the US Embassy in Prague and more.