How to Unplug From Work – Five Simple Tips to Maintain a Work-Life Balance

Six out of ten people check their work emails when on holiday, according to a study carried out by YouGov. The main reason why these people cannot detach from work is that, like the rest of us, they fear of being left behind if they aren’t aware of the goings-on at the office.

Of course, unplugging from work isn’t simply placing your phone away at the charging station. You also have to be mentally present with your family to leave the stress of the work at the office. That means that you have to get rid of distracting thoughts as well.  

That’s why I decided to come up with this article. The tips given below aren’t a figment of my imagination, mind it, but I’ve applied them on myself and can vouch for their effectiveness. Here’s hoping that you find them as beneficial as I do.

#1: Take Part In a Physical Activity

Purchase the subscription to your local gym. Play your favorite sports. Designate half an hour to play catch with your little one. Take your dog out for a ride. Do anything that is physical, lets you forget that your phone is at the charging table, and can increase your heart rate. This way, you’d be able to lure your mind away from thinking about the next staff meeting, the next deadline or the next presentation.

#2: Play Your Favorite Video Game

If you’re in love with your couch or the weather is inclement, delete work-related thoughts from your mind by playing your favorite video game. Research tells us that the focus we need to play a video game takes our mind off anything else during that period, thereby bringing us anxiety relief. So channel your inner kid and show your friends that you have still got it.

#3: Remain in Touch with Friends And Family

As long as they don’t have the same profession as you, checking out on your closed ones will divert your mind towards the topics they care about. This way, your bain will have no time to remind you about the thing you hate at the office or the upcoming deadline that you dread. At the same time, your relationships with the people you care about will also improve.

#4: Mute Notifications

There are few things which can bring the office to as sharp focus in the post-work hours as notifications reminding you of the same. As long as you aren’t a part of emergency medical health services, make sure to dumb down the voice of those irritating notifications that have the potential to sour your mood and ruin the entire evening.

#5: Set Aside Time for Your Favorite Hobby

Do you love reading? Then make a mental note that you’d be visiting that new bookstore that has opened across the town. The smell of books and the feeling of being surrounded by book lovers will automatically improve your mood. The same tip applies to any other hobby that you may have. Just designate a time in the evening in which you should doing nothing but take part in your favorite activity.


According to a study, when we fail to disengage ourselves from work, we expose ourselves to depression, insomnia, and heart disease. That means that while we work hard to increase the quality of our life, working too hard can have the opposite effect on our well-being.

Therefore, once you’re out of the office, try to enjoy the life you’ve created for yourself by keeping work-related thoughts at bay. Doing that won’t only have a positive impact on your relationship with your loved ones, but it will also increase your performance at work.