Although it feels that it has been more time in which we have lived in the middle of a pandemic, a year has passed, and here we are, trying to cope with the new normal in the best possible way. Between online classes, working from home, exercising at home, zooming in on our children’s extracurricular activities, delivering groceries, online shopping, sanitizing gel, and face masks, our days are overloaded and all within the same four walls.

We have reached the point where all these tasks have become part of our daily routine, and as parents, we always think that we cannot fail or forget any of them because otherwise, we can put the development and safety of our children at risk.

Experts say that this adds more stress to our lives and that we should stop thinking that way. The most advisable thing is to avoid multitasking as much as possible and focus on a single task. For example, we should try to avoid ordering groceries online at the same time we are working. Attending one thing at a time can help us feel less of the mental burden that having too many responsibilities create.

What if we also check our list of duties and see if there is something that we could remove from our plate. Nowadays, a lot is demand from us as parents, and there comes the point where it is no longer sustainable.

I know it may sound like something else to do, but I think it would be positive for our role as parents to start to take away tasks that are not essential in our lives and start searching for new ways to clear our minds to lighten the mental load that this new normal generates.

Some of my closest friends are also parents who work from home and, I have discovered that we are all doing our best to cope with these pandemic times trying to stay healthy and de-stress by practicing new activities or returning to old hobbies. Here I share some of these things to do that I hope will help all those remote workers worldwide.


Growing and caring for plants and flowers is an activity that requires time, dedication, and patience. For many is the time of day when they connect with nature in which they find tranquility and fulfillment. In addition to this, studies have found that gardening can reduce anxiety and depression.


Reading a book can reduce stress and relax us as they help us disconnect from reality for a while. Our mind is in a world free from the stressors of our daily life. The world of literature allows us to develop our imagination and reconfigure our brains to be more compassionate towards people, including ourselves. Reading about other people’s lives or experiences helps us understand that many of us have similar stories and have more common things than we think.

Long Walks

Since the appearance of COVID-19, experts have made it clear that practicing outdoor and socially distanced activities is the safest way to exercise to stay healthy. Many of us have included long walks in our daily routine. Walking is an activity that helps us clear our minds, improve our mood, and strengthen the heart and bones.


We have never spent so much time at home, and we have never experienced the stress of uncertainty that a pandemic brings. Today more than ever, we need our house to be an oasis of calm and relaxation to stay happy and comfortable at home. That is why some of us have found that painting walls, rearranging furniture, or having more flowers inside the house brings us joy when we create something beautiful in our homes.

Traveling at Home

Many trips have been canceled, which has been very difficult for those who love to know the world. Technology today allows us to transport ourselves from our living room to any part of the world to which we want to travel. Many of us have enjoyed moments of entertainment viewing ourselves in incredible places.

We have planned luxurious trips and adventures from home with our children hoping that very soon we will be able to make those plans a reality. Studies suggest even just planning a trip can be almost as enjoyable as going on the trip itself, giving your brain a boost.

We live through difficult times, but as the months go by, we must begin to see closer to the day in which we can feel safer both ourselves and our children. The day will have to come when we can go to offices, schools, cinemas, malls, or amusement parks, but while that happens, we have to take care of our wellbeing to be the best companions and guides for our children.