“Consistency is the key to success.”

Recently I had the incredible honour of seeing my book, ‘Wings for Life’ hit #1 bestseller on Amazon US.

It was one of those landmark moments that I doubt I’ll forget in a hurry.

The euphoria was incredible, but even better? The mental confirmation of what I always tell my clients;

“Consistent steps – action – in the right direction will always result in growth or a positive outcome of some kind.”

That ‘growth’ might be in the form of recognition by those around you – indicating that you’re sharing something useful and relevant.

That growth might be purely personal. For example; small lifestyle changes resulting in weight loss or improved general health.

That growth might be the delight of being part of a community to which you regularly contribute towards a shared ideal.

But however you view it, consistency – step by step progress – will always take you, or those you serve, to a better place.

Let’s consider some benefits of being consistent with any activity;

  • You’ll gain confidence. Because the more you do something, the better you get at it, right?
  • You’ll create a natural rhythm and order to your day. The wonderful heartbeat of life comes from those elements that are known and expected.
  • You’ll have a growing sense of balance and clarity. Daily rituals (such as a writing schedule, following a set, healthy diet regime, exercising regularly…) become second nature with time.
  • You’ll be more productive. Oh! The joy of committing to even 10 minutes of something – anything – every day! Over a week, month, year, just think of the progress you’ll make as you dive headlong towards achieving those goals.


Earlier this year I set myself an ambitious goal.

I woke one morning and, spurred on by a hugely encouraging friend and mentor, committed to writing a book…

In just FOUR hours.

I locked the door to my office. Turned off my cell phone. Made a pot of coffee. Set an alarm.

I was more than ready to write, as the idea for this book had been ‘marinading’ in my mind for many years.

But it was consistency that had led to this point;

A lifetime of writing daily. Creating volumes of content for others. Writing personal journals and letters…

When you do something often, it becomes a part of you.

When you regularly do something positive, it helps you grow and hit those targets.

Writing a book in four focussed hours – possibly unimaginable to many – came as a direct result of consistent actions over the years. Of course you don’t have to have been writing for a lifetime to write a book in four hours. But it sure helps.

Are you consistent in your approach to the important things in your life? Do you commit to finishing projects?

Do you try to bypass the occasional fears and doubts created by yourself or others? And just DO IT?

So earlier this year I set myself that big goal. I wanted to share my story and the backdrop to my writing and coaching careers in a book that ticked 3 major boxes;

  1. Short.
  2. Powerful.
  3. Inspirational.

That book – once released on Amazon US – went on to become a #1 bestseller in 4 separate categories within days.

Small, positive actions repeated often will always propel you to a better place.

So be considerate of others and their differences. Practice tolerance.

Make the effort to look after your own small, but important, needs. Practice self love.

Commit to a healthy lifestyle by incorporating one beneficial addition – or reduction – every week. Practice good life hygiene.

Stay true to your word. Be a reliable, loyal, supportive partner. Practice kindness.

There are so many ways to incorporate consistency into your life. (And always for the better!)

So here’s the big question;

How can you be more consistent today?

Sarah xo

Originally published at www.sarah-virag.com


  • Sarah Virág

    Confidence Coach, Writer & Bestselling Author

    Sarah Virág BA (Hons) is a UK based Confidence Coach, Writer, Amazon #1 Bestselling Author of 'Wings for Life', Columnist, Mother of three and lifelong Nomad.