It’s an uncertain time that’s understandably marked by fear and concern. Our most vulnerable are wondering how to boost their immune systems, and as the news continues to report on further lockdowns and cancellations sweeping our nation, panic is at an all time high. Fortunately, hypnotherapy can help to ease much of the fear and stress surrounding today’s pandemic, or for any time in our lives. Fear often causes more damage than anything in our direct realities, and yet fear can still feel so real. So, leaning on tools to ease the fear and boost our immune system is more needed than ever. 

What is hypnotherapy?

My name is Grace Smith and I’m a certified hypnotherapist, but I once was a skeptic. It wasn’t until I started using hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions for myself that I was proven otherwise. 

As hypnotherapy becomes more mainstream, scientific research from leading medical research institutions such as Stanford University, Yale University, and Mayo Clinic are close behind in verifying the benefits. I conducted a study myself alongside Dr. Keerthy Sunder and Samantha Franklin of the Mind and Body Research Institute in which we assigned seven days of hypnosis recordings to 100 participants. Of the 35 participants that completed all seven days correctly, we saw: 

  • A 54.5% decrease in depression 
  • A 51.5% decrease in procrastination
  • A 45.5% decrease in stress
  • A 32% increase in happiness
  • A 27% increase in satisfaction
  • A 29% increase in feelings of contentment

Additionally, Alfred A. Barrios PhD reported in the book Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, and Practice that six sessions of hypnotherapy have an average recovery rate of 93%, as opposed to a recovery rate of 72% for 22 sessions of behavioral therapy and a recovery rate of 38% for 600 sessions of psychoanalysis. Another study enlisted self-hypnosis for pain management for 86 women with metastatic brain cancer. In the 10 year follow up, the hypnosis group had double the survival rate. 

So, we have plenty of evidence that hypnotherapy works. But, what exactly is it and why is it so effective?

In hypnosis, you are able to access your subconscious mind without resistance from your conscious mind. This targeted area is called the theta brain wave state, and it is a deeply relaxed state that is deeper than day-dreaming but more conscious and alert than sleep. In order to invent from a place of pure creativity without the nagging negativity of the conscious mind, Thomas Edison would often enter a hypnotic state, but hold a ball in his hand so that if he fell asleep, dropping the ball would wake him and he could repeat the process. In this theta state, we can uncover stored memories and heal quite rapidly because the brain is able to make neural connections much faster when it is deeply relaxed, than when it is in a survival state. 

Immune system boost from hypnosis 

To support our community at this time, I created a self-hypnosis video to help you boost your immune system now, while also introducing ease to the understandable fear and anxiety you may be experiencing at this time. By suggesting new messages about your immune system’s strength and ability to function even during these chaotic times, you will notice an immediate improvement in your overall state of mind after listening just once. That being said hypnotherapy is a process of conditioning and with every repetition the new neural pathways you’re creating will become stronger; the more you listen the deeper the impact and the longer the results. 

The hypnosis audio is not to be considered a treatment for COVID-19. Instead, it’s a practice that will help to boost your immune system and alleviate stress at this time. According to a study in the Current Opinion of Psychology Volume 5, psychological stress can have an inverse effect on your immune system, so tackling both at once is advised. Research from the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology indicates that hypnotherapy can boost the immune system in the face of acute stressors. The reason being, stress depresses the immune system and hypnotherapy always relaxes the client into a state of deep relaxation. For those experiencing chronic stress, as just about everyone in the world currently is, hypnotherapy will help you access the deep peace necessary in order to turn down cortisol levels and help your immune system function at its optimum level. 

Additionally, a Harvard Medical School study notes that surgical wounds and bones can heal faster when using hypnotherapy. It stands to reason that if visualizing bones and surgical wounds healing while in the hypnotic state can expedite their healing, then visualizing a healthy, strong immune system could do the same. 

Take time for yourself to relax and listen to the hypnosis recording. Know that you are safe, you are supported, and you are in more control than it may seem – there are tools available to help you navigate this pandemic and its accompanying stresses, and I am honored to offer this resource. 

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