positive self talk

While I used to be skeptical about affirmations and the law of attraction, I’ve learned in recent years how much I think about things without even realizing it.

When I fixate on a problem, time passes without my consent. And my problems only grow.

And yet, when I set an intention, and state that intention, I do a much better job taking a proactive role in my life. Other petty concerns and worries fall by the wayside too, which is quite helpful.

This realization has led me to create and seek out affirmations as a way to set intentions for my day. (No, I don’t believe affirmations are a magic pill, but they do help you focus and achieve.)

Here are three different ways I use this in my life:

1. Morning Affirmations – Set Intentions for the Day

Morning affirmations are a way to state how you will live out your day. If you can see yourself acting with courage, focus, and compassion in your mind’s eye, the odds are much greater that you will be this way in real life.

Examples include:

  • I bring valuable gifts and skills to my work today.
  • I focus on the positive. I find something good, even in the small things.
  • Today I live with enthusiasm and kindness.
  • I am playful and calm with my children.
  • I lead my life based on my dreams of what is possible.
  • There’s enough success for everyone. (Many flowers can bloom at the same time.)

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2. Gratitude Affirmations: See Your Blessings

Affirmations for being grateful are a perfect way to gain perspective and put yourself in a positive attitude. Studies show that gratitude makes us happier and more optimistic people. So, why not train your brain to feel this way?

Examples include:

  • I am grateful that I can be myself.
  • I am grateful for all those who love and uplift me.
  • I am grateful to my partner, for showing me what deep, mutual love can do.
  • I am grateful for my home, for providing shelter and love.

3. Sleep Affirmations: Rest and Recover

And finally, evening affirmations are helpful to set an intention for your restful night. These statements are meant to put you into a calm peace of mind, let go of your day, and set yourself up for a stunning tomorrow.

Examples include:

  • I let go of tense thoughts.
  • I am still and calm.
  • I did my best today, and now I deserve to rest and recover.
  • I breathe deeply and slowly.

In Conclusion

Affirmations may not be the magic bullet people say they are, but our thoughts MATTER. Thoughts become words. Words become actions. And actions become our life. So, what are you thinking about lately? Are you making the most of your days by feeding your mind the right kind of thoughts?

Perhaps it’s time to start! Place an affirmation or two on your shower wall, on your dining room table, on your desk, on a notecard in your wallet, or even in your car. It’s easy to say them to yourself while waiting on stoplights and in lines. And gosh, isn’t that WAY more productive than playing on your phone?