As a mindfulness teacher, I have been firmly against social media for almost two years. I didn’t enjoy the way Facebook made me feel – the icky feeling I got when I saw my peers seemingly having a better life than me. The subtle self-loathing that brewed in my gut when I noticed how few likes my posts received. And I resented constantly being sold to by young, gorgeous business gurus who made me feel like a failure for not getting ten new clients a week.

I also felt very strongly about not adding to the noise. There is a lot of trash on social media and I didn’t want to further pollute the virtual atmosphere with yet another unnecessary avocado shot.

Recently I had a conversation recently that changed my mind. My friend Stephanie explained to me that people turn to social media for advice and inspiration, and that if I was careful about what I posted, I could actually be bringing valuable, helpful, loving content to the world; not just creating litter.

For me that’s the test that any post should pass. Is it love? Or is it litter?

So share a post because you want to uplift someone, not because you want an uplift in sales.

Share because you have something meaningful to add, not because you want to add to your list of followers.

Share because your story might help someone. Don’t share if all you care about is you.

This time around I’m #postingwithlove.  Are you?