Trade shows can prove to be an excellent venue for advertising your business. That’s because you tick off the basic B2B marketing requirement – identifying your target audience. Only consumers interested in your particular niche of products are likely to visit the event. According to Statista, in the year 2018, business owners attended 23.6% of such events held in their particular region. They also scouted around 12.7% of trade shows organized at a national level. Given that possible customers are likely to visit your booth, you must focus on using the best trade show advertising strategies to catch their attention.

Keep in mind that such events may have hundreds of companies competing for the attention of customers. And, you need to make a lasting impression as they pass by your booth. T-shirts may well be one of the most effective tools, and you will be surprised to know how versatile they can be. Should you contact reputable companies like Rush Order Tees, you’ll receive expert guidance on how to design t-shirts to make the right impact.

Trade Show T-Shirts for Your Team:

Since trade shows have multiple businesses advertising similar products, you’ll need your team to be easy to distinguish and stand out from the crowd. Have t-shirts designed with the company logo and perhaps, a smart, catchy slogan that will impress the people arriving to check out your products and services. The exciting thing is that you don’t need to have all the members wear the same design. Instead, you can play around with styles using the same basic color scheme that reflects the brand of your company.

Using t-shirts as a trade show advertising tool helps you to personalize your brand and put a warm, friendly face on it. Potential customers stopping by for a demo are more likely to remember the smart team that they interacted with and attractive colors can help.

Choose Shirts and T-Shirts to Match the Ambiance:


Your trade show advertising strategies must match the ambiance of the event which can be formal or informal depending on the scale of the event. For instance, if you’re expecting offshore delegates and global customers, you might want to go with more formal wear for your team. And, that includes well-tailored shirts and jackets with small logos that don’t take away from the formal business attire. On the other hand, if the trade show promotes local companies and the attendees are likely to belong to your city or county, you can choose the more casual tees with bright colors.

The kind of products and services you sell can also influence your trade show advertising techniques. For instance, if your company offers consultancy services for say, architecture or interior decoration, your executives need formal wear. However, like this feature on American Express explains, if you sell toys and stationery for kids, your team will need vibrant colors and gaily-printed tees to attract the right crowd.

Use T-Shirts as Giveaways:


People attending trade shows expect to return home with a bunch of freebies. Make sure you don’t disappoint future clients, so choose great gifts to help them remember your company. The t-shirts you choose should be made with high-quality fabrics using impressive tailoring so the recipients are encouraged to wear them regularly. Low-grade giveaways reflect on the standards of your company which is why you must choose the t-shirt supplier with care. You’ll also want the company logo to be durable and take any amount of washing. With this aim in mind, choose to have the logos embroidered on to prevent them from wearing away. Other options include tackle twill and direct to garment printing that gives images a sharply defined look.

Using t-shirt giveaways as a trade show advertising move has an added advantage. Most companies opt for low-cost gifts like pens, key chains, plastic drinking cups, or even, cotton hats. If your budget allows it, go with the more expensive tees. You’re sure to impress the recipients and encourage them to take a closer look at your brand and products. If you wish to add the contact information of your business, have it imprinted on the packaging rather than on the t-shirt itself.

T-Shirts Can Attract Inactive and New Clients:

Giving out t-shirts to your regular clients is a smart way of thanking them for their business. But trade shows are the perfect venue for attracting the attention of new clients. Keep in mind that when you hand out a t-shirt after a sales pitch or demonstration of your products, the gift is intended to help the client remember your company and its positives. While giveaways are a great tool, your real efforts should be focused on highlighting the benefits of your products and services and why the customer should opt to go into business with you.

Trade shows commonly see many casual visitors or inactive browsers who are simply looking around without any real intention of placing orders. An attractive giveaway might just change their minds. Or, create a valuable enough impression for orders sometime down the line.

Tees Can Help You Promote Products in Any Niche:

Using t-shirts for trade show advertising is an effective concept because they are highly versatile. You can use them to promote any kind of business or product. Check out this feature on AZCentral that outlines how to use tees for marketing a new fitness drink or gadget, stationery, digital media like games, DVDs, and music, or computer applications. Anyone wearing the tee will be a brand ambassador for your company and its products. For this reason, you may want to design smart t-shirts with attractive colors and prints that the recipients will welcome happily.

Giving away t-shirts and other tokens at trade shows is a great way to effectively promote your business, create the ideal first impression, and remain with potential clients after they get home. Go ahead and choose the right kind of merchandise and it can prove to be a potent marketing tool for the company.