Leadership is a word of authority in most businesses. It is generally the owner or a person in charge who guides their workforce. The role is not for the faint-hearted or indeed everyone’s cup of tea either.

Given the opportunity, it can turn a rough diamond into a polished one, when the right candidate comes along. 

Leaders come in all shapes, sizes, personalities in both men and women alike. No favoritism should be made between the two.

In today’s modern world, it can be very difficult for leaders to find the right solutions to problems. If you can understand what the problems could be, from the outset. A simple remedy can be applied quickly using the 3Fs theory.

Dealing With Other People’s Problems Daily Can Be Draining.

Having the ability to wear a multitude of hats, at any given time, is the everyday life of most leaders. Problems become a common occurrence in all workplace environments across the world. How you lead, plays a big role in how the problems are turned into solutions.

2017 poll conducted by Gallup (the global analytics & advice firm) globally stated only 15% of workers are engaged at work. In the U.S it was double with 30% engagement. 

This means that between 70-85% out of one billion full-time workers, were still not engaged in their workplace in 2017. The new updated 2020 Study shows positive news of 38%, the highest reached since 2000. 

Why Becoming A Leader Breeds Maturity & Engagement?

On review, is it a wonder most people shy away from being a leader? Q the ones that have the maturity, inputting their heads above the parapet. Opportunity knocks when least expected.

For the ones who are brave enough, little to gigantic bumps in the road can arise. With a positive outlook, a good eye for detail & support from the 3Fs formula, successful leadership can be met.

It’s a question of being on your guard and ready to roll with the punches. When they arrive, the newfound strength from new sterling leaders will abate.

So What Are The 3Fs Theory?

In a nutshell, the 3Fs are qualities, strengths & compassionate emotions, that bestow both leaders and the different workforce personalities. 

A defined line in the sand should be drawn from the outset for each of the 3Fs to become effective.

Know when to be FIRM – There comes a time in conflict or a clash of personalities, where a decision needs to be made. As a leader always define where it lays to your workforce. Once it is reached, you must stand firm with resolution.

Respect will be gained, if not imminently, it will over time of your leadership. It’s important not to give up on negativity early in your role. It will become easier over time.

Know when to be FAIR – In a work environment, fairness should be accessible to breed confidence & dialogue. There will be times where a stern word in one’s ear is enough for a solution to be found. It can also be the greater of two evils in stopping unrest.

It shows a human side to a leader that will make your workforce appreciate you even more. It works well when you may need a little extra from them along the way.

Know when to be FRIENDLY – This quality is probably the hardest to portray without giving the wrong signals to your troops. At the same time, it can be the mortar that cements the firmest of relationships in the workplace.

Do not be frightened to let your guard down. Remember you have defined where the line in the sand firmly lays. Allowing access to the closest proximity of the line, helps you to establish the ones who are willing to push the boundaries. 

If and when they do, reinforcing where they are should become easier and clearer for all. You are handing them the rope and saying, hang yourself or climb it. 

It can become a kill 2 birds with one stone solution. “You call out the bold and the brave”. As you do, the rest of the workforce becomes a witness to your strength, leadership & values of the 3Fs theory.

This theory is something I have adopted over the past 35 years successfully, hopefully, I will be able to use it over the next 35 years or more.

It can be a challenge to be Firm, Fair & Friendly. Go and do it well and to the best of your ability.

Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash