You are probably aware that your habits play a huge role in the way your life turns out. However, there is an even bigger motive that drives your habits in whichever direction they lean towards. Habits are borne out of action, and every action begins with a thought.

A few months ago, I started my own journey towards living more mindfully and connecting my mind with source energy, even launching a podcast to share as I go along.  Recently, I had the good fortune of crossing paths with Roswitha Herman, a brilliant business manifesting coach who has worked with hundreds of women from all over the world, helping them manifest more money in their business, without sacrificing their wellbeing. She has already been of tremendous help to me in my journey, so I reached out to her about sharing some of her wisdom in this article.

Your Thinking vs Your Results

Roswitha believes that we are all manifesting our reality, in every moment that passes. However, as with all skills, some people are better at using it than others. 

“Certain people do it consciously, by understanding how to focus, how to heal their trauma, and how to go through the Manifesting Formula.” On the other hand, Roswitha says other people manifest unconsciously by “observing their reality” 

“If their reality is a good one, they are happy and manifest more goodness,” she explains further.  “ However, if their reality is a bad one, they feel scared, frustrated, and angry. By allowing all these negative emotions into their mind, they will end up manifesting more negative things in their future.”

Everything in the universe is made up of either or both of these two key substances; energy and matter. On the base level, our thoughts are actually electrical impulses of energy that we sent out on varying wavelengths. Going by the laws of physics, you will attract more of the type of energy that you send out, thereby creating more of the same results. Many people don’t have stable thoughts, and they allow themselves to be carried in the winds of whatever is going on around them. Ultimately this creates a sense of lacking control and direction, creating more frustration and friction against abundance.

“Everyone should feel more in control of their reality,” Roswitha proclaims. “You don’t have to be stuck living a life based on what others do or don’t do. Once you tune into your manifesting spirit, what others do or don’t do will no longer affect you. You will know how to get what you want.”

Unraveling Your Thought Patterns

You realize now that your thoughts are more important than you realized, but that is only one step of the journey. The second thing to do is to get inside your own head and do a full audit of the way you are wired to think, and more importantly the words you speak to yourself.

“The most important part is to become aware of your daily thought patterns,” Roswitha agrees. “ Every change starts with awareness. Once you observe what you normally think and feel on a daily basis, you can understand why your business and life are the way they are.”

The natural result of the awareness is that you will discover a whole cache of information, words, and beliefs that you no longer need. The most common are the words that you use unconsciously when you think or speak to yourself ( I talk more about those words here) 

“From awareness, you can start introducing new thought patterns, new empowering beliefs to replace the old ones that no longer serve you,”  Roswitha advises. The best way to implement this is to slowly introduce affirmations into your daily routine. Some examples can be;

 “It’s safe for me to have a business that is highly profitable” 

 “I can easily scale my business without working more hours”. 

A lot of people who are new to manifesting think that these affirmations work like magic spells. The truth is they need to be backed by faith in order to be effective.

“If you don’t understand the science behind manifesting,.you will not be able to manifest everything that you want just by forcing yourself to think good thoughts, or have a dream board or write your goals every day. That is not what manifesting is. You cannot introduce new thought patterns through motivation or force. You first need to see why you didn’t normally have them in the first place, so you can uncover any trauma that is at the base of your fears and excuses.”

Why Thinking Good Thoughts ALONE Won’t Work

So you have watched/read ‘The Secret’ and now you might think that is all you need to know about manifesting. Roswitha says that is the wrong way to manifest anything.

“A lot of people don’t really know what manifesting is and just because they saw “The Secret” or read a few books, they believe they know it all. They try it and guess what?! It doesn’t work all the time. Then it’s very hard to tell your friends “Hey, think good thoughts to manifest all your desires” when they can look at your life and you have been thinking good thoughts but you’re not yet a millionaire. In their view, all this positive thinking and manifesting is just a placebo effect.”

The subject of positive thinking is a big one when it comes to manifesting. At the beginning of my exploration into this field, I fell victim to the same notion myself. I thought I had to have only positive thoughts at every minute of the day, or I would not manifest my results fast enough. Roswitha really helped me put things in perspective and she explains it even better below,

“First of all, this is not possible,” she says. “ You cannot just be happy all the time. All of us have some sort of trauma from our childhood. Pushing someone to just be happy is cruel, unnecessary, and only creates more frustration, anger, and hopelessness. So many people cannot think happy thoughts on a daily basis. They need to heal their trauma first.”

For me, the more interesting part has been learning that hard times are not necessarily bad times. My personal experience has shown me that these tough situations that cause bad thoughts actually play a role in keeping the balance in our lives and preparing us for the things we want.

“If we could only think good thoughts, we would not be able to innovate, and expand the whole Universe,”

Roswitha Herman

Roswitha concurs. “Expansion and innovation happen because of “bad things”, because of contrast. Once you have a problem, you desire a solution and you start manifesting that solution. This new solution is pushing the expansion. This is why our technology is constantly changing because someone out there gets annoyed about a feature and desires a faster, easier, cheaper, better way of doing it. If we are all happy with what we have, we would never create more or better. We would still live in a world without the Internet.”

What You Can Do Today

Manifesting your dream life is a journey that truly never ends. You will always need new resources as you scale to greater heights. Today, you can take a step by learning more about your thinking patterns.