In a moment in history where everyone and their Mother (literally, even YOUR Mother) has an opinion on what you should do to keep safe from the Coronavirus, knowing yourself is essential. Everyone is telling you what you should do about yourself and your family, what you should do about your income, even how to wash your hands. With all the static out there right not, knowing yourself on a deeper level has never been more important. 

At some point, we’ve all wished for a handbook on life. What if I told you every person alive today does have their own unique “map” of how to maneuver through intense stress. At times such as these, where the air is potent with fear, when everyone is “shoulding” all over themselves, where our everyday life has been turned upside down, a personal road map would be a blessing. 

The structures and outside authorities we have relied on to tell us what’s best for us during this pandemic (like doctors and hospitals) simply do not have the capacity anymore. We are in a pivotal moment in time where we are forced to look to ourselves for those answers— especially when it comes to our own health and vitality. 

Luckily, the truth is we do have a map to help lead us through high stress, high fear, and pandemic-esque concern. That map is called your Human Design. 

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that tells us how WE are each uniquely built (logically ,  emotionally, physically and energetically.) It is a system that brings together all of the indepth belief principles: the ancient I Ching; the mathematics of Astrology; The Tree of Life (Kabbalah); Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System. All of these principles combined with the knowledge of genetic coding and the understanding of neutrinos (quantum physics) create your Human Design.

Consider it Astrology on Steroids. If you thought understanding your sun sign was fascinating— your Human Design Type will blow your mind.

Basically, our bodies are vehicles and every vehicle has its own mechanics. You can read your car’s user manual when a warning light comes on, or you can use your mind to try and figure it out, spend hours googling, and asking friends what they think. What you choose to do is totally up to you, but we all know which option is faster and creates less stress.

Similarly, your body (the vehicle) has a Human Design BodyGraph (the manual). It knows where to go, what to do, and who to talk to in order for you to live your life with the least amount of resistance.

How can My Human Design Type Help During a Pandemic?

Your Human Design BodyGraph lays out each intricate aspect of your entire being, including how you handle a high-stress scenario. The most important aspects of your specific Design are going to be your “Type,” it’s “Strategy,” and what is known as your “Authority.” 

Your Type is a model for a way of life, or the way your vehicle best “creates” and works with life as it comes at you, including dealing with the travesty of a pandemic. We are often told to go make things happen, that is the model we have been taught so we should use it—but what we “should” do is not working for a large percentage of the population.

Your Authority is how you uniquely make decisions. For example, some people are meant to make decisions over time, riding out their emotions and have a habit of making emotional decisions. Others are meant to make decisions with their gut, and some are meant to use their heart. However, in all of this, there is one place we are NOT meant to make decisions from, and that is the mind. 

The Coronavirus is creating an atmosphere of fear, and when fear hits, it is easy to allow the mind to make decisions. But your Human design is calling you to utilize your decision-making strength, especially right now. In this way, your Human Design is like your superpower.

How Can Human Design Help Me Understand Energy During a Pandemic?

I am a bit of a renegade in the Human Design space and believe that also understanding your Open Centers is ultimately the first thing you should focus on to optimize your superpower to help yourself and others during this pandemic and beyond.

Our Type, Strategy, and Authority teach us HOW to move through life, but our Open Centers tell us WHY we aren’t doing it already— it reveals to us our most self-destructive patterns.

Also, our Open Centers are the information and energy we absorb from others. On the flip-side, our Defined/Closed Centers are the information and energy we put out into the world. In short, our Open Centers are who we THINK we are and our Defined Centers are who we ACTUALLY are.

We were all born with exactly the life force, energy, and talents that we need to fulfill our unique purpose. Our Open Centers tend to pull us into life in order to FEEL defined/full. We move through life from an energy of lack, feeling unfulfilled and then confused when we get lost in our Open Centers. This is when we focus on what we THOUGHT we wanted, and discover it isn’t what we really wanted at all. 

When the noise of those around us and the media infiltrate our minds, and we are not aware of our Open Centers, it is very easy to default to fear and restriction. 

If we understand what patterns we currently have and the stories our minds like to tell us over and over again, we can understand WHY we don’t automatically live out our Design. With that awareness, we can choose another way, we can choose to experiment with living our Strategy and making decisions with our Authority. 

During this time in the world, you might find that the stresses, anxieties and problems in your life are fueled by what you THOUGHT (mind) you knew or who you THOUGHT you were. Understanding yourself better can relieve stress and help you manage your life AND your health.

How Can Human Design Help My Immunity During a Pandemic?

Our Human Designs also tell us where we may experience sensitivities and where our immunity may be compromised. During times of crisis and pandemic you can see quickly two groups of people form, those who are overwhelmed by worry and fear and those who are not.

This comes down to one important Center in your Human Design–the Spleen.

When you look at your Human Design chart, you will see a side-ways triangle on the far left side. That is known as your Spleen. The Spleen correlates with our immune system and also operates on the level of fear and alertness to things that could be hazardous. It’s an instinct for your well being.

The Spleen can fall into one of two main categories: Defined/Closed or Undefined/Open.

A DEFINED/CLOSED Spleen can be described as the people screaming to ‘be prepared but don’t panic’ and we should be listening to them. Their bodies are telling them that there is a risk and responsibility needed here AND we will be okay.

These people should continue to trust their instincts, socially distance themselves (especially if they are living in more fear than usual as not to compound it for others), AND use their sense if they are feeling unwell— is this a true matter of survival, or can I stay home and recover without medical attention. With a Defined spleen, the answer is most likely yes.

An UNDEFINED/OPEN Spleen includes the people who absorb the fears of those around them, and are more vulnerable on both a biological and energetic level at a time like this. 

What Can I Do to Boost My Immunity NOW?

Our Centers are the energy we put out or the energy we take in, when we are in any exchange with someone (even virtually) this is happening. You may not be sneezed on in Social Media, but you can catch their fear–and Sis THAT alone can make you sick.

This can feel a little harder for people during the Coronavirus outbreak since people crave the sense of well being they get from others. But trust that what you learn about yourself during this time will have you living your best, less codependent LIFE on the other side.

Make self-care and social distancing a top priority. Not just because it is the socially conscious thing to do, but because it will improve your immunity. Unfollow anyone who is increasing your fear, read the resources on preparedness, and take those precautions.

Keep in mind your immune system is sensitive so any medications you do take should be supplemented with holistic measures as well (oils, crystals, baths, naps, etc).

You can also use 3 actions to treat your spleen and lymphatic system right now. These include cold showers, body brushing (towards the heart), and manual lymphatic drainage (check YouTube for videos on this).

No matter your specific Human Design Type…

it’s important to KNOW yourself and have a clear understanding on what your body is built for and what it is not, because what works for and is best for Karen may not be best for you. This is especially true during this high-stress time in history.

To thrive during this pandemic, it’s important to learn your Human Design and to take 3 minutes to stop and breathe deeply. When all is said and done, you’ll come out of this more YOU than you’ve ever been. Now is the time to focus inward on YOUR purpose, YOUR needs, and YOUR energy. This is the best way to help yourself, your immunity, and those around you.