Ever had an experience where you exhausted everything in your power to finish a task? Or to finish a goal in your business? Or maybe to finish a special assignment? May it be getting your dream house fixed in your expected time, squeezing every details in the allotted time or maybe planning the reception for your dream wedding to just getting the perfect planner for the year to come. Whatever it may be, some things will always get out of hand. You already prayed and seek a spiritual adviser, you already did journaling, you consulted your dearest friends and family. It is not that you lack the will to move on but sometimes we just have to let things unfold naturally and let both faith and fate move and suprise you.  

We have to take a hard look on ourselves–are we taking good care of our body? Are we eating healthy foods? Are we getting enough sleep? How are we treating ourselves? Are we slacking? Are we missing out on our family and friends?–did we just miss that important dinner with them? If the answer is no then take a rest and get back up again, listen to your inner core.  Sometimes when we stop and contemplate and stop seeking for the answers, that is the time it shows up. 

Waiting for the perfect moment takes a lot of patience, courage, prayers and a strong belief. What we can do is meditate, take a deep breath, listen to your body and take advices from your confidants and most trusted friends and stay close to your family. Record everything, keep a diary so that you can track your progress.