Image by kien virak from Pixabay

During this time of quarantine, my mother-in-law passed away, my husband accepted a new position in his company, and my oldest daughter moved to the other side of the US.

Talk about “stressful, painful, and lovely” all wrapped into one bouquet of life events!

There are a few things I’ve done to take care of myself, my family, and some neighbors this past week.

Beyond being there for my family through immense grief and suffering and being there for my husband’s job transition, there are some practical things I set my mind to do in our house.

First, I cleaned my whole house, and we’re enjoying living in it that way, meaning we’re all making an effort to keep it clean while stuck at home. It creates a peaceful environment. Especially for women, a clean house creates peace. I’m making it a priority to maintain it.

Second, while cleaning, I found items to give to my neighbors who have young children. We had an electronic keyboard sitting in one of our rooms not being played. My husband took that over to them. As I was going through our bookshelves, I also found music books that came with it as well as a DVD and 2-CD pack that teaches beginners how to play the keyboard. I brought those over to them — “ding dong ditch” style! No contact.

As we continue to grieve, there are also many things to be grateful for. I am counting my blessings! There is hope in my husband’s eyes because the job he has now, he waited for four years to find. He’s much happier in this new position. That makes my heart glad. All three of us (left at our house) have work and are not out of a job. There are blessings in the storms of life.