Does the feeling of quitting make you think you are a loser? Let’s figure out if in life winning means quitting things that no longer serve you.

What if you can find joy in quitting? Sounds intriguing. We often equate life in success metrics. In the face of the global pandemic here is what you can learn to become a better version of yourself.

In today’s episode of The Curryup Leadership Podcast to spotlight purpose-driven Asian leaders making an impact, I talk about the joy of quitting and how you can lead a happy life with Design Thinking and Improv leader Coonoor Behal.

Coonoor specializes in getting companies and organizations better results with creativity. She has taken her creativity to the next level by collecting stories from real people and summoning the courage to quit things in their lives through her book I Quit!

She equates autonomy and freedom as her success mantra. Coonoor talks about how happiness means laughter and building lego sets gives her so much joy.

Coonoor talks about one of her failures is finding a tribe of south asian friends in the community.

So, go ahead and learn how to be a quitter and learn the wisdom of happy quitters on Episode 51 of Curryup Leadership Podcast here.

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