It’s harder to get remote workers to feel part of the organization or the team to which they belong. It is also difficult for someone who works remotely to become attuned to the culture of the organization.

Tams working remotely must have strong communication skills. And team members must be reachable at specific times. Managers should be prepared to give positive feedback as well as critiques. Remote workers must be made to feel part of the team and know that their hard work is being appreciated. Important decisions and actions should be explained to the team at all times. So members are well informed.

While the ability to be flexible is one of the advantages of working from home. It’s important that managers set schedules for remote working. To ensure high levels of productivity and reachable deadlines. This also allows mangers to keep track of hours worked. The end result should be that the work is completed on time. which is more important than very structured working hours.

Have planned working hours. Many people are tempted to work much longer hours at home because there is nothing to signal the end of the work day. It is important to block off working hours and to do routine duties at specific times. Meetings should be scheduled for certain days of the week if possible. Early in the week if possible so that they do not interrupt project work later on.

Managers should encourage their team members to produce their own work schedules. But to share those schedules with everyone on the team. So that managers can fit meetings in when it is most convenient for everyone.