It’s official – working from home is now the norm. Though many blog posts and articles discuss ways to work effectively from home, that’s no longer the problem most of us face. We know how to do it, as many are entering their 6th or 7th month working remotely. Rather than adjusting to schedules and non-commute hours, we face a new challenge.

     When something becomes routine, we often need the motivation to keep up with the daily hustle. We get burnt out. If you, like many of us, are questioning what to do now, this list of motivating ideas will help you continue to succeed in your work from home pursuits.

Set regular break times.

      Taking breaks at any time can have adverse effects on your productivity.  Instead, set up regular break times for each day. We Work Remotely states that breaks are needed often – somewhere in the every 30 to 90-minute range. We need to recharge, if only for a short bit of time. Create a schedule and follow through for more motivation.


     Sitting at your computer can become very easy when working from home, but resist the urge to become sedentary. Since there are many more opportunities than you would have in a traditional office to move around and exercise, try it out. A whole workout isn’t necessary. Begin by setting aside five minutes a few times a day to do some jumping jacks, walk around outside, or jog in place.

Journal your thoughts at lunchtime. 

Working remotely may be routine now, but it can still have its overwhelming moments. How are you feeling? Acknowledge it, especially since the world is so different than before. Journaling your thoughts might give you a better perspective on your emotions and where you’re genuinely at with career, family, and life in 2020.


Some need total silence to work. If that’s you, then you might try noise-canceling headphones instead. But many people benefit from ambient noise, as long as it isn’t distracting. 

Opt for sounds from peaceful movies or music without words. Use YouTube to find ambient noise from the films that you enjoy. Having the soundtracks play in the background keeps productivity levels up.

Go outside. 

Take a walk and clear your head. Remote work makes it very easy to stay indoors all day. You probably understand the importance of getting outdoors already, but just in case: M Nathaniel Mead of NCBI reminds us that humans need Vitamin D for bone health, among other benefits, and the sunlight is crucial for this. Make going outside your routine by reading in the backyard at lunch, walking to check the mail, or fitting in a fast jog.

Chores schedule. 

Most people benefit from a clean environment. It makes us feel more organized. When our outer world is calm and tidy, it’s easier to focus on mental tasks that require a lot of effort. Entrepreneurship Life’s Mohit Tater found that employees thrive in clean work environments. It helps them to focus and increases cheerfulness. These things still apply when working remotely.

     To combat the stress of a messy house, set up a regular chore schedule. Use a calendar or a list on your phone. One of the easiest ways to keep things tidy is not to allow things to get messy in the first place. Wash plates and cups as soon as you finish with them, sweep up crumbs, and wipe counters frequently.

Eat a healthy lunch. 

Eating healthy has never been easier. Home cooking is crazy popular right now. And eating something good for your body midday can help you feel better, plain and simple.

     Salads are very easy to throw together, especially if you get a pre-packaged one that has all the ingredients already. With a little advance prep, healthy meals can be ready in just a few minutes at lunchtime.

Have an end of day activity to help you transition. 

     When you work where you live, you need space to separate the two aspects of your life. This is where an activity that shifts your perspective can help. Changing into comfy clothes, eating a meal, or spending time with family can all serve as excellent ways to mark the end of the workday and the beginning of an evening at home. 

Make regular calls or visits to friends and family.

     You’ve probably figured out already that maintaining good relationships is crucial for surviving remote work. Nobody wants to become isolated. However, it’s fairly easy to do if you aren’t thinking about it. We all get into routines during the week and can forget to engage with others. Advice? Dedicate specific times for friends and family. Maybe it’s weekends, or perhaps you call family members in the evening. Whatever makes you feel most connected.

Create a vision board or goal chart. 

     These have long been considered excellent ways to track progress and motivate yourself. Danielle Moser of Baltimore Sun claims that vision boards help us organize what we want for the coming years and aid us in recalling and reaching our goals. 

     When working from home, it’s possible to stagnate due to not seeing your coworkers or bosses in person. All this change could make you forget about career growth. Using vision boards and charts can motivate you to continue to advance in your career despite the obstacles of working from home. Start with simple things, like, “Finish x amount of projects by December,” and work up to more significant challenges, like, “get a promotion by 2022.”

     Our lives are all affected by the pandemic, and remote working is yet another thing we’ve adjusted to. But staying inspired will empower you to grow and continue to create career opportunities. Stay safe, healthy, and move forward with motivation.