Just Get Moving —Redeem the Rewards

7 minutes into cardio or any rhythmic movement and I get high. My blood is pumping through every inch of my body much like the heightened awareness we feel so often during a good thunder and lightening storm.

I feel clear and calm. Quicker to respond to what I need to and with the clarity that is so often what we seek in a mocha latte. It’s important to emphasis here that exercise, either rigorous or gentle, require fuel. I dedicated a section of my blog to Fuel, the stuff we put in our bodies, because — well, our body is valuable real estate.

We need energy to move and we need to detox the bad stuff out of us. White sugars and white flour, along with processed foods to name a few, weigh us down and slow us up. Add on toxic environmental pollutants, GMO foods, and other factors like stress and burnout and we can easily tax our health.

Even though I’ve considered myself a fairly active person, I know that as I age, placing a gentle attention on some form of exercise each day will help offset the challenges I mentioned above.

Put on some Spanish guitar music and dance freely in your own kitchen.

How do I get moving?

I practice yoga. It’s a really good way for me to incorporate stretching, strength building and cardio in my busy lifestyle. Other ways I get moving are going for a walk after dinner or a quick hike on the weekend. There are countless ways for us to move and benefits from each.

Try one of these 6 ways to get your blood pumping. Choose whatever calls to you.

  1. Swimming
  2. Walking
  3. Biking
  4. Treadmills
  5. Dance classes
  6. Videos

You are overbooked and don’t have time? I see.

Always try and take the stairs, make yourself get up to change the channel. Park far away from the entrance at the grocery store. Put on some Spanish guitar music and dance freely in your own kitchen. How about laughing? You guessed it, research shows that laughing, according to BERKELEY WELLNESS “has mildly beneficial effects on the arteries, blood pressure, and cardiovascular system” and reduces stress.

Make anything you enjoy, even sex, into your own practice of movement. Just get moving!

I assure you that by making any type of movement a priority, even 10 minutes each day, will bring big benefits over time.

Take RIGHT NOW for example. I’m writing this article and —hold on I’ll be back in 15 minutes.

I’m back! There, I’ve returned from a quick 15 minute bike ride in the neighborhood. And —I’m back to you, writing and my life hasn’t fallen apart.

Now, it’s your turn! Before you click on your next task or get distracted by the popup the next link brings you to. Go do something! I’ll see you in 10.

Ah, feel better?

It only takes a few minutes for your body, mind and spirit to give you back the thumbs up. Namaste. 🙂 

Originally published at yesrising.com