A lot of businessmen throughout the world are constantly looking for the skilled freelancers who could help them with their projects. No matter who you are – a writer, a programmer, or a web designer, you should do something to emerge from the shadows, move forward, and land the freelance job of your dreams. It is where a well-written project proposal can help you.

So, what is a project proposal? It is an important piece of writing for every employer who wants to become familiar with freelancer`s special skills, knowledge, and previous tasks completed before hiring. You should state that you are the best candidate for the job and show that you know everything about the project and how it should be developed.

The main characteristics of a project proposal:

  • It should be short but straight to the point
  • It should capture the client`s attention fast
  • It should be written professionally
  • It should present the advantages of a collaboration with you
  • It should mention your past experiences

Tips on how to write a standout
project proposal as a freelancer

1. Make your
entrance strong and captivating

The first sentences of your project proposal should definitely blow your potential client away. The main task that should be completed successfully in your introduction is to generate a strong interest in your unique project and convince your readers that they might lose a great deal if they don`t take your project proposal into the consideration. Do everything possible to demonstrate that you have a huge desire to work on the project by using all your creative ideas and special abilities. Explain that your working experience, qualification, and relevant skills will help boost sales and access business` profitability.

2. Sell your
strengths and core competencies

Your prospective employer has the right to understand clearly what your strengths are in order to decide whether you will be an appropriate person for the job. So, identify and assess abilities and skills that you have and think of how to play your strengths to your advantage. Position your value properly if you want your project proposal to stand out from the crowd.

3. Make your
project visually appealing

You should always remember that the first impression really matters. That`s why it is so essential to write a well-organized, well-formatted, and well-checked proposal. Use a visually appealing and structured layout if you want to get your work noticed. You can take advantage of several writing apps, tools and, for example, help of Masterra professional content writers that can help you complete your freelance project proposal with ease. A highly professional-looking proposal will definitely increase your chances of working with your dream client. Do your best to prove that your proposal deserves special attention, respect, and time.

4. Include
some of your portfolio pieces

Your creative portfolio can become a critical marketing tool that will help you set yourself apart from your competitors and be successful in today`s freelance job market. Make the examples of your high-quality work speak for themselves. Choose those ones that promote your specialty the best. Don`t be afraid to show how your professional skills helped your previous client achieve set goals.

5. Write
everything that your potential client might want to hear

A thought-out project proposal should anticipate and cover almost all issues about the project that your client might be interested in. Show that you understand what this new project is about and which tasks should be accomplished. Propose the possible solutions on how to achieve the best results. Demonstrate the ability to perform such sort of tasks. Show that you are deeply interested in what you are going to do.

6. Don`t write
a long project proposal

One of the reasons why most of the proposals fail is that they are too long. Just keep it short and concise if you don`t want your client to put it away because it has too many pages. Just provide your potential remote employer with all the information that would be of a great interest. Even don`t try to write any well-crafted words or use passive voice elaborations. Your proposal should be readable, simple, and understandable.


To find a well-paid job as a freelancer is not an easy task because of the high level of competition. However, there is one thing that can help you show your abilities and talents to your potential employer – a strong freelance project proposal. It is a powerful tool that can help you present and offer your services and beat out the other experienced competitors.