Do you want to write a story? Don’t know where to begin? The point story arc is made up of 8 key elements to help you write a story. The stasis, trigger, quest, surprise, critical choice, climax, reversal and the resolution. 

The first one is the stasis. The word stasis simple means equilibrium or the balance and it could be thought of protagonist’s everyday life in which the story is set. It is the exposition of the story, where the characters and settings are introduced. 

The second point in the story is the trigger. Eventually, something happens in the story which is outside the control of main character or protagonist. This is called as the trigger because this leads to the evolution of the story. 

Also, while working for Best essay writing service, I got to know how important the 3rd point, the quest is. It is typically referred to as the rise in action and is the direct result if the story’s trigger. If the trigger is positive in nature it may lead to the protagonist on a quest to maintain his new improved existence. But if the trigger is negative or problematic, it leads to the protagonist quest to return life to its normal existence. 

Stories also tend to include surprises. Surprises are unexpected events that occur during the protagonist’s quest. They could be challenges that prevent the protagonist from completing his/her quest.