Scholarship essays can be written on very different subjects. Nevertheless, each scholarship essay must convey your personal experience. Here we have several tips on writing this kind of essays. They will be more suitable for National Hispanic Recognition Program or similar scholarship competition, than for an academic essay composition.

You cannot underestimate the importance of your paper’s subject. You should spend not less than a week or two brainstorming for ideas. Brain draining can bring you some astonishing subjects. To perform something vivid, special and memorable, try contemplating on the points below.

– Describe your biggest achievements. What you choose doesn’t have to be formal, scientific or academic, or recognized by others. You must not limit yourself. It can be a small achievement in the eyes of others, but it is significant how you rate it and the way you place this piece of the puzzle in the picture. Try to show how much it influenced you and why it is crucial in your life. Choosing a non-formal achievement is especially beneficial if you plan to send an account of your credentials together with your scholarship essay.

– Unravel your nature; explain how you differ from anyone else. Be it quality, some skills, or unique training. It also can be beneficial to explain how you gained this skill or a trait of character, or how you’ve answered to the situation you are describing.

– Contemplate on your favorite movies, books, authors, works of art – what impact had made on you, how did they manage to touch your soul?

– Did you encounter any hardships in your life that were decisive and shaped your character? Was there a stage in your life that you regard the most difficult one? How did this period change your life expectations?

– Maybe you have a story of a hard-earned triumph? What helped you to succeed?

– Maybe there is a story of a failure when you’ve worked hard and still did not succeed? What was your reaction?

What do you desire to do most in your life? If you had a magic wand or you had a genie-friend, who could fulfill all your wishes, what would you like to be doing now? Who do you fancy to become? Who, of everyone in the whole world, would you choose to be with? You are not limited to answer only these questions by what is achievable and what is not. Unleash your fantasy!

– Did you ever experience an insight, a moment of realization something so simple that you are wondering why you were blind to it before? Picture this moment.

– Name your most prominent feature. Maybe you are a representative of some religion of philosophy? How do you think your friends would characterize you? Imagine how they would describe you if they were writing this paper for you.

– Declare the most meaningful activities that you took? Why did you join them? Do you continue to contribute to them?

– What future do you plan for yourself? What are you dreaming about? What is it going to take? Imagine you’ve achieved everything already, look back at yourself and explain how did you manage to reach it.

We hope that these questions will boost your imagination and aid you in winning the scholarship.ost your imagination and aid you in winning the scholarship.

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