How Transformative Technology Improves Our Happiness

There are plenty of ways in which many leaders among us try to improve happiness on a broader level. But only through tech can we truly revolutionize this effort, and that’s precisely what transformative technologies are trying to achieve.

In this article, we’ll explain what these are and how they are transforming the world and increasing happiness.

What Are Transformative Technologies?

Simply put, transformative technologies are all those technologies that are made to enrich the lives of humans.

Some of the devices included here are trackers, smartwatches, but also tech like virtual reality, and many other forms of technology that aim to improve our physical and mental health, emotional skills, and enable humanity to flourish.

We are still at our core the same – human beings with hopes, fears, but also extraordinary levels of potential. Transformative technologies take all of that into account, and they try to enable us to achieve more and lead us towards happiness and fulfillment.

Revolutionaries working on this type of tech understand that we can’t be happy through money and the current way the world works, and they want to help us achieve real and lasting happiness in different ways.

The future technology will work on this in more sophisticated ways than it is doing today, through precision guidance on food, gut biome, neurostimulation, through personalized AI that will help us grow and develop, and much more.

But even technology today is making a lot of effort and succeeding in this regard. A lot of wearables are striving to improve our sleep, our well-being and more. The ones that are yet to be made will only do this better and better.

The intelligent assistants that are continually being improved upon (like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant) are already helping us in many ways and will only get better at it and use different methods to improve our lives.

There are also plenty of apps that try to help us relax, meditate, and be mindful. These will only get better and greater as well.

There are virtually no limits to where these transformative technologies will take us and how good the future tech will become at helping us thrive and improve our health and well-being.

Plenty of futurists and leaders believe this and are working on making our lives better and happier in the future. You can do that too by joining us at the World Happiness Agora in March 2020.

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