My wife and I had just got off a long flight and were driving to our air BnB on our honeymoon in Patagonia.  The landscape on the drive was absolutely stunning and so was the sky.  Sometimes just standing alone looking out at a beautiful landscape can really help one reset, help clear the mind and think positively about the days ahead.

Mae, Marfa Texas

I took this photo at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa Texas of Mae, the daughter of the director.  I love the freedom and pure joy in this picture.  One thing this image shows me is to always see the world through child’s eyes.  We have to always be curious and keep striving to learn.  As we get older there is a tendency to know too much so we pause before our actions.  Kids on the other hand just bowl in and enjoy the moment.  Living in the moment is the key.  Looking back we have regrets.  Looking forward makes us anxious but living in the moment sets us free.  

Giant Rock, Landers CA

The Mojave Desert in CA has always been a place of calling for me.  Once I moved to LA from the UK back in 1999 I have been going out there to photograph and recharge.  One of the best things I ever did was to buy a derelict homesteader cabin on a gorgeous hillside in Joshua Tree some eight years ago.  Slowly I have been restoring it to be a place to go and just think and be quiet.  

Nearby the cabin in Landers is this Giant rock Native Americas believe to be sacred.   I love going there to see this huge mass and realize we are just tiny ants going about our business in this huge world.  The huge piece, which broke off in 2000 shows that life, is full of surprises twists and turns.  

David Lynch, Home studio

A French magazine asked me to photograph David Lynch for a feature, which I was excited about.  The shoot would be at his house near Mulholland Drive in LA.

I arrived at the house and his rep showed me the places where others had set up shots.  I asked her where he was now.  She said he was up in his studio where he makes his fine art.  That was it, that’s what I had come for.  I knew I had to photograph the maestro in his natural surroundings where he is most comfortable.  

I asked her if at all possible I could just walk up there with no crew just me and my camera and take a few pictures of him working there.  She called up to David and he said sure. 

I took one roll of film and they are some of my best ever portraits.  The reason why is that he was in his element.  He barely stopped to pose for me just a couple of times but I love the candid caught moments of an artist at work.  It felt to me like we were both respecting each other’s craft.  

The point here is that David Lynch has a safe, private happy place to go in his house where he can create on his own and not be bothered.  

Everyone should try and make a place like this in the home where they can go and reflect or create alone.  It doesn’t have to be big, just a private space that works wonders for your wellbeing.  

Reflection in the Pavilion

When I was in Barcelona I was determined to visit the Barcelona Pavilion designed by Ludwig  Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich.  I have always been interested in modern architecture and knew this one was a not to miss gem.  

Whenever I go to a museum I always get an excited feeling about what lies ahead and what are the possibilities in life.  There is a calmness to museums, which helps me reset my creative juices a feeling like anything is possible.  


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  • British photographer and filmmaker Patrick Fraser has lived in California for the past 18 years. He photographs editorial features for magazines like Vanity Fair, British Vogue and Esquire as well as color supplements The Sunday Times, Observer and Guardian. He has shot ad campaigns for many leading US brands including Google, Microsoft, Pinterest and Hilton Hotels to name a few.  His portrait work has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London.  Patrick continues to make documentary and experimental films.  His first narrative short film will be released early 2018.  He has always loved the Mojave desert in California and often visits his cabin in Joshua Tree.  You might also find him on his farm in the mid west or playing tennis on the local USTA 4.0 league.